Sunday, April 05, 2009

Letter to the Editor

Christina Tidmore had the following letter published in the Anniston Star today.

Medical marijuana

I am writing in support of HB434, The Michael Phillips Compassionate Care Act. In February 2007, my father was diagnosed with cancer of the liver and the lymph system. He had a grim prognosis: six months with chemotherapy, or less than six months without. At the time, I was a teenager and a high school senior, so this was devastating. Not knowing whether my father would live to see me graduate was worse than knowing he would never get to walk me down the aisle or see his grandchildren.

Once Dad started the chemo, he began wasting away. The pharmaceutical medications hardly helped his pain. My mother and I felt helpless. Then we heard about medical marijuana.

Looking at me, one wouldn't suspect anything beyond a typical college sophomore. But in Alabama, I am a criminal, a willing participant in obtaining marijuana through the black market for my cancer-stricken father. For helping my dying father, I could have been arrested, jailed and lost my college funding. I'd risk it all again to help my dad.

But I shouldn't have to. Neither should anyone else.

My father passed away in October 2007 at the premature age of 53. I was 18, and while he saw me graduate, he spent more than eight months suffering from cancer, with only illegally obtained marijuana as relief.

Please make this drug more accessible to those who need it. Cases like my father's are why legislators should vote yes on HB434.

Christina Tidmore


Christie O'Brien said...

Excellent job Christina!

Anonymous said...

My eperience is really similar my dad was diagnosed with a brain tumor along with everyone he served with on the early nuclear subs. This was the eary 90's so he ended up going to the bahamas to obtain cannabis. We missed his last year on earth because he didn't want to break these stupid laws. The Navy of course denied any connection. A country of sheep begets a government of wolves.

Christina said...

Anon - that's ridiculous; I can't believe (and yet I can) that you had to deal with all that.

Anonymous said...

That's such a sad story, it's horrible to hear about people who could benefit from medical marijuana but can't legally obtain it.

Check out what we're doing in CA (we have 7 locations where you can get medical marijuana cards from our doctors):