Saturday, April 04, 2009

New Additions to the Nall Mini-Farm

Today we added baby chickens, baby ducks and a baby mini-goat to the mini-farm we are starting. Here are some pictures of all the new babies.

Nothing says spring and new life like baby chickens. They're so sweet. They're like little peeping cotton balls with beaks and feet. The chickens are red sex link (yellow ones) and barred rocks (black ones).

These are the baby ducks. I have no idea what kind they are. Ducks are so funny. I can't look at one without thinking of Daffy Duck saying """"Your desssssssspicable""""

This is our new mini-goat. We haven't named him yet. It's technically my husbands goat (although I will be responsible for daily care Mon-Thurs) so he gets to pick the name out. I've been calling him Ervine (pronounced err-vine) but hubby says NO. No Ervine. I'll let y'all know when a name has been chosen. Anyway the little goat is really precious and cuddly. He is in the little hutch next to the chickens for now and seems to like it very much.


Laura said...

awwww can I please come live there? You have such an awesome place!!

Christie O'Brien said...

This is so cool =) That goat is adorable!

Loretta Nall said...

The goat is the sweetest thing. He likes to snuggle and nuzzle and loves to be held close under a blanket. He still likes a bottle too so two or three times a day I mix him up some regular cows milk, an egg yolk and a tablespoon of Karo syrup, microwave it for about a minute and he wolfs it down. Its like having a new baby.

He also eats little pellet food for goats and is really enjoying the honeysuckle, wild grape vines and other woody, viney treats all over the yard.

Currently he is suffering from diarrhea because he has worms and coxcidia (sp?) which is a parasite. He is taking medicine every day. He has a knack for shitting on you though so since yesterday I've had three or four showers because every time I bottle feed him he seems to be content, then the BLEATS mightily and out shoots the poo from the other end.