Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Weed War Heats Up

Harvard Economics Professor Jeffrey Miron SPANKS former Drug Czar John Walters' Ass in this Anderson Cooper 360 video. I wonder why anyone cares what John Walters has to say? His 8 years of lying and junk science are over. He's about as credible as Dick Cheney who is also in the news a lot despite the fact that no one gives a fuck what he has to say unless it in under oath while being prosecuted for war crimes. Anyway, watch this video.


Sneaky said...

I can't believe that clown is still parroting the Starbucks BS in SF, when this has been amply debunked.

I think we could have done better than Miron up there though.

John Little said...

I'm amazed to see this level of discussion on this issue on prime time tv.

Vape_1:29 said...

-- The words of Ethan Nadelmann ought to take precedence
over anything 'bloat-bag' Walters has to say.

Nadlemann needs to be directing U.S. drug-policy,
not prohibitionist LEO's nor ex-military goons like Walters or McCaffery.

Ethan Nadelmann discusses Marijuana legalization on Fox Business"I think that locking up people for smoking a joint is morally wrong..."

- - -
Back to John Falters"Pot 2.0, "
(Not the 'benign' Cheech & Chong herb of the 1970's)

Don’t Believe The Hype!
Potent Pot, So What?- - -

Sneaky said...


- These would ALSO be known as 'C. arabica dispensaries'.C. arabica is a plant-species prized by early Ethiopians and Arabs
for its flavorful-berries, and is still cultivated worldwide, even today.

- C. arabica contains 1,3,7-trimethylxanthine, a bitter, white crystalline
xanthine alkaloid that acts as a PSYCHOACTIVE STIMULANT DRUG and
serves as a natural INSECTICIDE that paralyzes and kills certain insects feeding on the plants.

- Does C. arabica sound like anything that should EVER be allowed to be sold in a retail-setting?!?