Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Today's Roundup

I suck at details and organization. It's amazing how much I get done as an organizer, when apparently I can't even organize my fucking math notebook. Shocking!

Tomorrow I will have my first cumulative math test in Blues Clues Kindergarten Math Class. On the first day of class the instructor gave us a syllabus and printed instructions for how our notebook is to be put together. I misunderstood them instructions. Tomorrow I have the test and the notebook has to be handed in before I take the test. When I got home from school this afternoon I sat down to make sure I had everything required for inclusion and in the right order. HA! That did not exist. What did exist was a jumbled mess of notes that had not been separated into the five sections that make up a lesson. So, for about 5 hours I sat and re-wrote math notes. It was just fucking joyous! I wish I could do it again! Every day. For the rest of my life.

Oh well on to other more pleasant things...

I finally got up the courage to let my barnyard fowl forage in the yard for the first time yesterday. I had delayed that wonderful experience because of all the cats that call this 2.15 acres home...and that's a lot of cats. Anybody want one? Email me if you do and can come to Alex City and get it. Anyhoo, I was afraid that the cats would attack the chickens and possibly the geese because they are still smallish. I am glad to say that I was pleasantly surprised by how well the cats behaved. Not one attack...just some curious looks. However, as I learned today, the ducks have no qualms about attacking a cat and the geese have none about taking over the cats food supply. We have four new kittens and one of them decided today would be a good day to stalk ducks and geese. WRONG! I've never seen a duck get after anything other than some feed or a bug...but today one of my ducks flat got after a kitten who wandered a little too close. I had to rescue the kitty. I waited a minute or two as the duck was only scaring it and not actually hurting it. Good aversion therapy I say. Kitty relocated himself around back and I didn't see it in the vicinity of the birds for the rest of the day.

The geese are absolutely fearless. Today, on their second day out of captivity they wandered around back and ate all the cat food I had just put out for the cats. All. Of. It. With the silly cats standing there watching. And these are baby geese. Not a one of them over two months old. Already they rule the yard. I love them....they tie for best animal ever with the German Shepherd. If you have a little room and don't mind a little green shit in your yard then GET SOME. Best watchdogs you will ever own.

Lets see...what else?

Rep. Laura Hall lost the Senate District 7 election last night by a more than decent margin to Republican Paul Sanford. Most of my readers will know Laura Hall as the medical marijuana bill sponsor (and that's about all she was) up until this year. When she decided to run for Parker Griffith's open Senate seat she dropped the sensible, compassionate medical marijuana bill and sponsored a bill that would outlaw salvia, which most people have never even heard of, and apply the same penalties currently enjoyed by cannabis consumers. She couldn't have looked more like an illogical, compassionless and cold-hearted, stupid on crime white republican if she had tried. She'll get no sympathy from this corner where the prevailing belief is "Stand up for what you believe in or set your ass down." Sure, a Republican won (and I am no fan of the Republican's...not by a long shot) but really...what is the difference between a spineless Democrat who goes along to get along of a bill like medical marijuana and a Republican who doesn't support medical marijuana at all?

Answer: NADA....either way the bill doesn't move.

Oh, and WVNN's very own Rush Limbaugh aka Dale Jackson is in HOT WATER with the AL SOS and AG's office for using the official state seal to pull a prank that told Hall voters to vote on Wednesday and not Tuesday. Be more careful Dale...after your interview questioning King's sexuality you know he's got a hard-on for your behind.

Last news item...Miss California YOU'RE FIRED! according to Donald Trump for breach of contract.


Don said...

You suck at details and organization? No way, you don’t suck……you rock.

If you did suck, you couldn’t have accomplished what you have accomplished, and you have accomplished much in many areas.

Now, granted, you may suck a bit at math, but I do too, and I’ve lived over 3 quarters of a century and I’m still alive and kicking ass whenever I find ass to kick, just as you do.

At least you can spell “syllabus” and probably even know what the word means….while I have no idea.

Laura Hall got “pricked” at the polls as she deserved because of her abandoning the Compassionate Care bill. If you hadn’t been involved with school you would probably have been up there campaigning against her.

Most humorous quotation I’ve seen lately (to Dale Jackson Re: AG Toy King….I mean Troy King): “You know he's got a hard-on for your behind.”

HUGS 2 U, Loretta!

Knight said...

Great writing!! I couldn't have said it better myself: "stand up for what you believe in or sit your ass down." You tell them Loretta...I see things the same way, and I do believe in standing up when I see something that is just not right. I'll be damn before I sit on the sidelines and let the government and their corrupted agnencies walk all over my back. We all need to stand up for what we believe in, too many people are sitting their asses down, and it is time they wake the hell up and smell the damn coffee. Government agencies are trying to own us, controlling everything we do, and that is not how our Constitution was intended. Keep writing you do a fabulous job.