Monday, June 08, 2009


I've taken a small break from blogging while I get adjusted to school and to spend time with my family while my son is home for the summer. It sure is just patently wonderful to have my whole crew assembled under one roof for a while. Yesterday afternoon we cut a huge watermelon and sat outside and ate nearly the entire thing. I can't remember when I have enjoyed something so simple so much.

School is going well. Math class still makes me feel as though I am mentally challenged but English class is awesome. We do a lot of writing and, as you all know, I love to write. The instructor is also very good, which makes things run smoothly. That is the class I have this morning. I am so glad I don't have math class first thing Monday morning. That is no way to start off a week.

The dogs are doing well. No, let me rephrase that. Saul, my number one admirer and best buddy is awesome as always. However, I am almost to the point where I hate Sadie. She has to be the worst dog ever and I've considered getting rid of her. I can't though. Saul loves her. I am really surprised by how things have turned out with her. When I got her I observed her very closely for temperament. I did not want an aggressive partner for Saul. He was plenty aggressive enough....or so I thought at the time. Sadie's parents were on premises and both were very sweet dogs. Neither of them barked at me or showed any signs of aggression whatsoever. I watched and played with all four puppies and all seemed well balanced. I chose Sadie because her markings, although not blue, were a closer match to Saul's than her siblings and because she was large for a seven week old puppy. Apparently I missed something in my observations because what I ended up with in Sadie is an extremely dominant, aggressive female.

She won't let Saul eat or drink water when she is out in the house. If he gets near her during feeding time, she attacks. I have to feed them separately. She is not food aggressive to humans....just Saul. When she is in her crate in the house and he gets near it she lunges and snaps. When they are outside in the fence together Sadie rides Saul like she is the male. I wish Saul would turn around and smack the bitch or bite her head or something...but he just takes it. When I go to get them out of the pen she starts a huge barking, growling, snarling, biting commotion with Saul. And he takes it. For a while I thought it was just her being a puppy and that he was only tolerating it because of that. But, now I am convinced that she will be the dominant one in their relationship and it truly hurts me to see my precious Saul submit in such a fashion. Ever since I got him nearly three years ago I thought he was aggressive and self-confident. What I see now is that he is an aggressive/submissive dog. So, I've got a real situation on my hands with Sadie and Saul. I've got to break Sadie from all her antics. I am the leader of this pack and eventually she will submit to me and learn that she is the Omega dog. I hope that happens soon.

The birds and goats are doing fabulous. Ervine has not gotten even an inch taller since we got him. At his tallest point which is his rear end he is less than a foot tall. He is the sweetest critter I've ever come across. He loves nothing more than to sit in a lap and nibble at your chin, investigate your pockets and receive affection. Fig, his female is a little more standoffish. What's hysterical is that she is a little taller than Ervine and he can't yet mate with her. He doesn't let that discourage him though.

My chickens are growing and I expect the hens to start laying in a few weeks. I am looking forward to farm fresh eggs.

The geese are meaner than hell....just as geese should be. I am convinced that they are direct descendants of the T-Rex or the raptor. They terrorize my chickens. I will separate them as soon as they are big enough to fend off the cats. Right now they are not quite big enough to do that, although they have grown a tremendous amount in three weeks. Once large enough to prevent being eaten by a cat they will patrol the yard and I'd bet money that even Sadie won't be bad enough to fool with a grown one...much less four, because when a flock of geese get on your ass it's like being in Jurassic Park. They lower their heads, honk and hiss (not kidding), stick out their necks, beat you with their huge wings and pinch plugs with their serrated bills. They are simply put...NO JOKE. And quite hysterical when they get after somebody. Some people I know are more scared of geese than they are of big dogs like Saul and Sadie. All one has to do to stop a goose is to pick it up and hold it's neck. However, most folks would never dream of picking up a 35 pound feathered dinosaur....they generally just run like hell in the opposite direction. Man I love geese! I'll try and post some pictures later today when I get back from school.

That's about all I have this morning.

What is everyone else doing?


Kristopher said...

MJ came up in a conversation with friends yesterdy and it got me thinking...I haven't seen a peep out of Loretta in a while.

Glad to hear you are enjoying life...just know you are missed in the online world. :-)

Lord Alberonn I said...

Yeah, I know how much time you have to put into your schoolwork. It can keep you very busy and unable to do some of the other activities you usually do. I figured it had a good part of why we haven't hear from you in a while. ;)

It is good you do get to spend some quality time with your family. That's always important.

I'm almost done with my first year over here at Clatsop Community College. I just have a review this morning followed by a final tomrrow. I feel confident that I have pulled off another 4.0 term.

We will have to clean our place up and pack some more things as we wiat to get into tribal housing. We were going to try to live in Salem, closer to my new school, but finding an apartment without a car to check things out is difficult. On top of that, all of the places want to know that you make three times the rent in order to live there. We have a very clean rental history and I feel that our income in none of thier damn business. All they need to know is that we have a habit of always paying our rent on time and we don't trash our places.

Tyrvald said...

My cats and rabbits have fleas, but otherwise the animals are well. I have sinus pain today...

John Little said...

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