Friday, July 24, 2009

AL Prison Guard Gets 1 yr for Drug Trafficking

Birmingham News

A former state prison guard today was sentenced to a year in the Bibb County Jail after pleading guilty to promoting prison contraband, District Attorney Michael Jackson announced tonight.

During a routine search of guards at the Bibb Correctional Facility on Feb. 29, 2008, Kenya Morton, 27, of Marion, was caught with two bags of marijuana and hydrocodone. He was arrested. Morton resigned from the state department of corrections after he was charged, Jackson said in an interview.

This is unreal! Trafficking hydrocodone, or just possessing it without a prescription, is a felony. Generally the cops charge you with a felony for each individual pill in your possession. Its beyond comprehension that this guard only gets a year when the people he was trafficking drugs to are probably serving much longer sentences for the same thing.


sixstring said...

I had a former federal prison guard tell me that there are more drugs in prison than on the street and the guards brought them in. He is now in LEAP.

Nick said...

Police ALWAYS get better treatment by the system unless it's something so insane, public outrage pushes against special treatment. It sucks that anyone is going to jail for having drugs.

InsanityRules said...

The drug warriors can't even manage a successful prohibition inside a prison. These are the same people that tell us we can win the war on drugs in a free society.

Is it obvious yet that they are either lying, deluded, or have no intention of maintaining a free society? We should all be very afraid...