Saturday, July 25, 2009

CNN Poll: Should Marijuana Be Decriminalized?

Today's CNN Poll asks the question; Should marijuana be decriminalized? Currently 63% of those responding say YES, 20% say for medical use only and 17% say No. Go to CNN scroll down near the bottom, look for the poll on the right and cast your vote. I did watch the Anderson Cooper show last night and it was very well done.

Quick Vote
Should marijuana be decriminalized?


Nick said...

I did my part and gave my vote ;)

I heard that Iowa is possibly considering changing marijuana from a "Schedule 1" drug and recognizing its medical usefulness. Here's a petition I found to the Iowa Board of Pharmacy:

It seems like people across the country are SLOWLY changing their perceptions on marijuana, which is great to hear.

Vape_1:29 said...

- Just watched a news-story about
something far more "dangerous" than
cannabis, which, when partaken in excess,
causes one to become a VERY LOUSY,
Compared with this "something",
cannabis is BENIGN!!!

- Based upon this comparison, I don't think that
marijuana should be decriminalized.
(Neither "marijuana" nor "decriminalized"
is in my "vocabulary").

I believe that CANNABIS should
be Re-LEGALIZED!!! As "LEGAL" as
Solanum lycopersicum, (TOMATOES)!!!

Just Say KNOW!!!