Sunday, July 05, 2009

For The Birds

I haven't posted any garden or bird pictures in a while. There won't be any garden pictures this year. Our garden has not done well. About all we are getting are small, knotty tomatoes. They taste good but it takes two for a single sandwich. I guess all the rain in May had something to do with it.

The birds, however, are thriving. I haven't lost a single one this year to sickness or predator. Since late May we have been allowing them to free range during the day. They go back in the chicken/duck/goose house when the sun goes down. I love to sit and watch them when I have time. They are highly amusing and add bright spots of color to the yard.

The big red hens and the barred rock hen will be laying any day now. I can't wait for some farm fresh eggs. The geese are awesome. They are equivalent to two-legged cows and graze from sun up to sun down. The goose in the first picture is very sweet-natured. She will get very close to you and settle down and sleep. She occasionally gets close enough to be petted and picked up.

Here are some recent pictures.


Don said...

How many roosters do you have? If more than one, is there competition between them? If only one, I bet he’s having fun. :-)

Loretta Nall said...

I have four roosters and ten hens. One rooster is a barred rock, one is a barred rock/black giant cross that looks like a barred rock, one is a black giant and one is a beautiful bright orange/red one and I don't know what breed he is. He is very pretty. He is the 5th one down in there pictures.

I have two red sex link hens, one barred rock hen, two black giant hens, two araucana hens, two red and white hens that I think might also be araucanas and one red and black hen and it's anyone's guess what she is.