Friday, July 03, 2009

Round Up

A number of different websites provided coverage of the Artur Davis Marijuana story. I want to give them a shout out here and say thanks.

The Birmingham Libertarian Examiner

Artur Davis wants your ideas? Locust Fork News and Journal

DC Political Report
It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time: Democratic gubernatorial candidate Artur E. Davis (D-AL) used his campaign website to solicit ideas on how to improve Alabama. But former Libertarian gubernatorial candidate Loretta Nall (I-AL) used the opportunity to organize efforts to make legalization of marijuana use the most popular suggestion.

I find it very amusing the insinuation that I somehow organized efforts to 'hijack' the idea poll. There were a total of 2300 votes cast in that poll. Marijuana was at at the top and was NOT voted down by others casting votes for different issues. That says it is a popular idea among voters. I did what was asked by the Davis campaign and submitted an idea. I announced that the poll was open on my blog, as did other Alabama blogs, and encouraged my readers in Alabama to go and vote. That is in no way hijacking the poll. That's called PARTICIPATION. Marijuana won. If they don't like that TOUGH. It is what it is. Many voters understand the absurdity of marijuana prohibition and they voiced their opinion. That's how polls work. If the Davis campaign didn't really want ideas from the voting public then they should have created their own list and had people vote their ideas up or down. Don't want to know what the voters think? Then don't ask them.

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