Sunday, July 12, 2009

Government not best choice

Montgomery Advertiser

Mr. Winkler's letter "Legalize pot? Still a bad idea" shows a lack of understanding on how basic economics and the free market works. Allowing the government to act as a supplier is his first mistake.

Government cannot supply anything as well as a private company can, and if it does, it's at a much higher cost and lower quality. By his own admission, the feds can't grow marijuana that anyone is interested in purchasing because it's so bad.

If Mr. Winkler were forced to consume government cheese, visit a VA hospital, seek tax advice from the IRS or wait on FEMA to help in a crisis, he would certainly seek help elsewhere. Why doesn't he let medical marijuana patients do the same?
Mark Bodenhausen


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Vape_1:29 said...

Just like overpriced, Canadian-gov't,
mine-shaft, mega-schwag, medi-cann...
but not very funny...