Saturday, July 11, 2009

'WAH' I can't fight the drug war

In Jefferson County AL. the sheriff's budget was slashed by 33%, as were the budgets of all county departments because the Birmingham City Council and the Jeff. Co. Commission have bankrupted the entire county. Of course the Sheriff is bringing out his drug war guns to frighten the public by saying he will no longer have the deputies needed to take down those 'evil drug houses'. I say that is spectacular news. Today a narcotics commander is testifying at a hearing to try and get back the money cut from the budget.

Why does anyone listen to the narcotics commander? If the drug war were working there would be no need for a narcotics division of the sheriff's department. I heard Sheriff Hale on the radio a couple days ago huffing and puffing about how he would not be able to continue to take out drug houses if his budget was cut. So what? When one drug house is taken out three more take its place and then fighting starts over the new territory among rival drug dealers. The cops and the drug dealers are on the same side. The cops support prohibition because it creates jobs for them. The dealers support prohibition because it creates jobs and massive amounts of lucrative cash for them. Cops and dealers are like the church and the devil. Neither could survive without the other.

The war on drugs is an abject failure. It has never met one stated objective. It has not reduced the flow of drugs into this country. It has not kept drugs out of the hands of kids, and has in fact made it easier for kids to get them because drug dealers don't ask for ID. It has not decreased the purity of drugs. It has not made drugs impossible to acquire for anyone wishing to purchase them. And it certainly hasn't made communities any safer.

Under those circumstances why would anyone in their right mind continue to support it when it costs hundreds of millions of dollars in Alabama and about 40 billion or so yearly on the national level and yet all we get is a negative return on the investment?


Anonymous said...

Excellent points. I also highly recommend Mark Thornton's "The Economics of Prohibition," which can be purchased at

Loretta Nall said...

Thanks anon. Economics of Prohibition is an excellent book. I have a copy given to me by Dr.Mark Thornton. I need to get a link up on this site so people who want a copy can order one. I'll get with Mark about that.

Anonymous said...

ooops. not sure why it has me as anon. posting by phone and tried to include name.. Anyway, its a well researched book and very relevant today. John Little