Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Passing the Collection Plate

I rarely send out requests for donations for Compassionate Care or the other drug policy work that I and my group do. I know times are really hard for everybody and I always try and provide all the supplies we need for meetings and I use all the grant money for travel, printed materials, utilities and costs to keep the office going. ACC's funds are $27.19 as we speak and some bills are coming due in a few days. If any of you have a few dollars to contribute please do so at the button below.

ACC needs to be able to rise up and meet every opportunity head on to advance our cause. That takes money. Look at what we accomplished last week. It was AMAZING! A front page article on the legalization debate and Statewide/National press on Artur Davis trying to ignore our voice.

Help us keep up that level of pushing back at our enemies by making a contribution of any size at this link.

Loretta Nall

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