Friday, July 03, 2009

Taxing Marijuana Potential Alternative

My close friend and champion letter writer Dawn Palmer had a letter published in today's Montgomery Advertiser in response to one from Frank Winkler who was responding to me. Mr. Frank Winkler is the Executive Director of SAYNO Inc. an anti-drug group that focuses on youth. Funny, he never mentions that in his letters to the editor. Also funny, if prohibition were working his group would have no reason to exist. In that sense he is about as trustworthy as the cops and Sharon the bail bonds person in Talladega when it comes to anything prohibition related. Without prohibition they would have no jobs. Therefore you can believe nothing they say.

Y'all go leave a comment on Dawn's letter and speak a word or two at Sharon (she is really in need of psychotherapy...thinks pot is responsible for her father killing her mother then himself and claims he had no other issues before he smoked taht 'evil joint') over on the Talladega forums. Then write your own letters. Keep the momentum building folks. That's how we will win!!


Montgomery Advertiser Opinion

Taxing marijuana potential alternative

A letter to the Montgomery Advertiser said that Loretta Nall threatened all politicians with financial downfall if they didn't support her platform of legalizing marijuana. She didn't threaten any politicians; she merely suggested legalizing, regulating and taxing marijuana as a potential financial alternative, just like several statesmen have suggested.

The letter said that marijuana was the No. 1 drug of choice requiring treatment at the Montgomery Addiction Program. Marijuana is the most-used illegal drug, so it only stands to reason that marijuana would be the No. 1 drug requiring treatment in a court-mandated program like the Montgomery's Addiction Program.

As for the statement about us being better off wondering if the bus driver, pilot, etc., was puffing on a legal substance, how do we know if he or she isn't under the influence of a legal prescription drug?

Dawn Palmer

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