Thursday, August 06, 2009

Lewdness Charges Against 81 year-old MeMaw Dropped

Mobile Press-Register

According to the Mobile Press-Register lewdness charges against 81 year-old Lula Mae Battle, which came about because her bladder gave out and she could only make it to the bushes have been dropped by the city prosecutor Larry Wettermark.

City prosecutors moved Wednesday to dismiss the public lewdness charge brought against 81-year-old Lula Mae Battle for urinating in Bienville Square.

Larry Wettermark, Mobile's city attorney, said that upon further examination of her case, "it made no sense to prosecute her."

Prosecutors filed the motion to dismiss the charge following public outcry over her arrest, which was first detailed in Saturday's Press-Register.

"Thank you, Jesus. Glory Hallelujah!" Battle cried out Wednesday after learning the news.

Battle, at her home near downtown Mobile, said she hadn't heard yet from her attorney.

In anticipation of her trial and potential fine, Battle said, she had been saving money and hadn't been able to pay her phone bill, so the service was cut off.

"I was trying to save," she said.

"I ain't never been in trouble before," she said. "All I do is pray and go to church."

Bless her little heart. And thank goodness there was enough public outcry to bring the city prosecutor to his senses. Prosecuting a little MeMaw for having a bad bladder is a stain I would rather not have on Alabama. We have enough stains that scream DUMBASS already. The cop who arrested her ought to be made to pay her damn phone bill. She is too old to be without a phone.


Amanda said...

The powers that be can be so backwards! Have you heard about the DUI fix scandal in Athens? I'll try to remember to send you a link. The cop actually pulled over a postal worker to get the DUI paperwork out of the mail!

Loretta Nall said...

Hey Amanda I had not heard about the cop pulling over the postal worker. Please do send me that link.

Vape_1:29 said...

Loretta said:
"Prosecuting a little MeMaw for having a
bad bladder is a stain I would
rather not have on Alabama."

If they had proceeded,
that would have been a
piss-stain, no-doubt...
(Pun intended,
I could not resist saying it!!!).

- Glad they DROPPED the
charges against MeMaw!!!