Thursday, October 01, 2009

A couple more things about the Alex Rochester case

I've been re-reading all the documents I have on the Alex Rochester case and a few more things have occurred to me.

1. Why was this not a federal case? John Alexander Rochester's actions constituted interstate drug trafficking. He bought the drugs in Atlanta, Georgia and transported them across state lines to Alabama. The amounts of some of the drugs alone should have triggered federal charges (1100 Extacy pills). When Rochester was arrested he offered to turn in his supplier to the feds for a considerable reduction in his sentence so even he knew it should have been a federal case. Why was it not?

2. John Alexander Rochester is on probation in Ashland, Alabama and has to report to the probation officer Stacy Vogel at least once a month. This is beyond the pale. Alex Rochester has to report to his probation officer in the same courthouse where his dad is a judge. Seeing as how Judge Rochester has already gone to great length's see that his son receives special treatment and stays out of jail, it isn't too far fetched that Judge Rochester might also know when the drug tests are being conducted and could relay that information to his son. I know for a fact in 2007/2008 the Dept. of Probation and Paroles supervised 55,751 people on probation and 10,445 on parole. They conducted 38,322 urine screens on these 66,000 folks … that is not even one urine a year for everyone. Probationers are only required to report between the first and the fifth of each month. So this actually amounts to young Alex Rochester not really even being on probation other than on paper.

What a sweetheart deal!


Anonymous said...

The fact that he has obviously recieved special treatment from the courts and probation dept. just shows how far into the system the corruption of the WOD has spread.The majority of people in prison for parole violations are for failed Urine screen's. but here is a kid who is smoking weed and passing drug screens while the rest of the people on parole can maybe get away with using coke or smack a couple days a week cause it is out of their system in 72 hrs. Very few can get away with smoking weed or using xanax that also stays in the system for a long time.Either he was switching his urine for clean or they were ignoring the positive UA's or they were just not testing him. We have a right to know which one of these things have occured .We have hard working mothers and fathers all over america who made a mistake did their time and are now locked back up away from their family for smoking a joint while on parole and this kid is riding around carte blanche with his own drug store in his car. I guess hypocrisy can be added to the list of the problems from the WOD'

Daniel J. Davis said...

Thanks so much for the voice of reason on the radio today. I got the feeling that there was something different about you from your tone, and then when you said that you didn't think anyone should be in jail for selling or possessing drugs, I knew I was in the company of like minds. Way to get the word out about government corruption, both in enforcement and in statute.

Daniel J. Davis said...
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Loretta Nall said...

Thank you Daniel. The greatest reward for all of this work is finding another Alabama citizen who believes as I do.