Friday, October 02, 2009

Four Alabama State Troopers Fired

The Alabama Department of Public Safety has fired four state troopers in connection with an investigation, and the unit to which the four belonged is being investigated.

The four troopers have been placed on mandatory annual leave under State Personnel Department rules. Each has been relieved of duty, and all state equipment assigned to the troopers has been confiscated.

Isn't it funny how when politicians or cops get into trouble they provide themselves an extra layer of secrecy? The whole blurb on basically says they were fired, but they can't tell us who 'they' are. That there is an investigation that they can't tell us about involving something else they can't tell us about. I know it isn't the media's's the information, or lack thereof, that DPS or any governmental agency puts out when they get into trouble. Regular people get their name, photo and graphic details of what they are accused of plastered all over the news.

My prediction is this they were either

1. Stealing
2. Screwing
3. Dealing drugs

Probably all three because when it is just one of the above the internal 'investigation' will find that no crime occurred and the cops return to work.


trizzybob said...

one month later?

Loretta Nall said...

trizzybob there has been absolutely no further coverage of this incident since it happened. Not in the papers, not on my underground channels and not through any of my above ground channels. Everything is dead silent.

I sure am curious to know the details of this.