Monday, November 16, 2009


I was in New Mexico for most of last week for the Drug Policy Alliance conference. I wish I had a lot to report but unfortunately I contracted the flu, got sick on the plane ride out, and spent about 80% of the conference confined to my hotel room in an attempt not to make anyone else sick. I was able to get out on the last day and see my friends and co-reformers. To all of you who were looking for me and asking about me THANK YOU! I love you and am sorry I missed you in New Mexico.

Yesterday I returned home. I felt bad and did not want to fly but had no choice in the matter. I certainly didn't feel like driving for three days either. So, I got on the plane. I usually have bad problems with my ears hurting when I land. They refuse to change in pressure. Had no problems landing in Denver, since Denver is at a very high altitude. Had no problems taking off from there or landing in St. Louis. However, when landing in St. Louis I noticed that my right ear was not changing in pressure like the left one. I thought that might be a problem...but I really had no idea how much of a problem it would be. As we were taking off from St. Louis my right eardrum ruptured completely. I mean there was blood and fluid and whatever else is inside an ear. It was slow torture. I could feel it swelling and when it popped I screamed and scared half the folks on the plane. Talk about painful! I just got back from the doctor who said it was really bad and that I might need surgery.


I feel like I've been eat by a bear and shit off a cliff.


Chris said...

Wow, I feel for you. Get better so you can climb back up that cliff and kick that bear's ASS!

Anonymous said...

Well so much for the freakin land of enchantment ..that sucks you missed most of the conference. Hope you feel better soon. This might cheer you up though. Tommy Chong and Cheech Marin were on the fuax news geraldo show sunday night to promote their upcoming get it legal tour.If our biggest neocon propaganda outlet in america is now helping promote the boy's tour we have to be making some real progress here.

Don said...

I hope it's not as bad as your doctor thinks it may be. I hate it when anyone suffers from pain, especially someone I know and care for.

During my military career I had to fly (as a passenger) quite a bit and I had trouble with my ears until a doctor advised me to have my ears thoroughly flushed out just before a flight, and then if they began to hurt to hold my nose and mouth closed and blow hard until my ear or ears would pop and equalize the pressure. If you fly again you might try following his advice.

Anonymous said...

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Tyrvald said...

Oh no, Loretta, that is so terribly horribly awful! I'm so sorry to hear you're in such agony. I hope you recover completely and quickly!

I haven't been on a plane since childhood. I don't even take elevators.

Brandon said...

damn that sounds awful.

Feeling any better L?