Sunday, November 22, 2009

A new farm baby

Just got him yesterday from a friend up the road. Haven't named him yet. He is so dang cute! Not very tame though as he hasn't been handled much so I have my work cut out for me. He hates to be picked up....squeals like you are killing him...and he is loud to be such a little fella. We put him in with the chickens for the night. He rooted around under their hay....looked like a mole.

Any readers out there have a pot bellied pig? Got any tips for me?


Chris said...

Possible names:
!just kidding!

No seriously,

I've never had one but a neighbor of ours had one for YEARS. Its was really smart too, it would play fetch like a dog! It also had to be right behind you when ever you walked to the mailbox... I guess he needed the exercise. :) His name was Barnie. I forget how old he was when he died but he was freaky old.

You'll have a blast watching him grow and I'm sure the whole squealy thing will subside after a few weeks of it being you thats feeding him. Once he gets his head wrapped around the fact that you aren't going to hurt him or anything.

Lord Alberonn I said...

Of course there is the classic name of "Arnold". IIRC, that was what the pig's name was in Green Acres. lol

No matter what his name is, you should make a little cop uniform for him to wear and snap some photos. lol Just don't paint him up like Trixie, Troy King may try to take him away.