Sunday, December 20, 2009


Piggy continues to do well. He got loose yesterday. You would not believe how fast that little devil can scoot! I didn't bother chasing him because, even if I could have gotten close enough to grab him, there is no way to hold him. They are a lot stronger than they look and there is no way to get a good grip because of the way they are shaped. So, I made him a Hansel and Gretel trail of dog food around the pen which lead back in. After he got tired of be-bopping through the yard and around in the woods looking for acorns he picked up the dog food trail and went back in his house.

He is such a happy little fellow. Makes all kinds of cute noises and is always happy to see me whether I am bringing him food or not. He wags his tail like a puppy and runs up to be scratched and loved on. He is a mess. Loves attention and loves to interact with the other animals. The other day we filled his barrel up with fresh hay. Now when I go out and call him the first thing I see is a moving mass of hay, then a nose comes poking out and the rest of him follows. There is a piggy shaped impression inside the barrel. It's so cute!

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