Thursday, December 17, 2009

UPDATE: Alex City Cop Given Slap on Wrist

According to the Talladega Daily Home former Alex City police officer Mitchell Ray has been sentenced to 9 months, split, with 30 days in jail for assaulting a race fan, who he had in handcuffs, so badly that the guy had to be airlifted to UAB. Here is the original story and blog entry.

Hollingsworth sentenced former police officer Mitchell Ray, 36, to nine months, split, 30 days in jail and two years probation, for assault in the third degree. Ray was indicted for felony assault against a race fan while working as a security guard, but was convicted by a jury of the lesser included offense.

How come cops can commit felony assault and attempted murder and get a mere slap on the wrist? I am so sick of this double standard. I am also sick of having to find out news about my local police force from a newspaper that is two counties over. Would be nice if the Alex City Outlook would cover LOCAL NEWS.

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Anonymous said...

Loretta its ok for the police assault citizens, bribe citizens, and basically set up citizens in Talladega county. This is the way they have always served the county. And the judges are just as crooked..since you read about your local police did you read in the same article about this • King sentenced Trivia Johnson, 38, to 365 days in jail, suspended, two years probation, for assault in the third degree. Johnson had been indicted for felony child abuse but pleaded guilty to the included misdemeanor. Its ok to abuse kids in talladega county but you better not get caught with a joint or your ass is going to go beat a kid instead of smoking a joint is the message I got from judge king...look at all the nonviolent offenders he sent to prison...all but one doesnt deserve prison and that one she has snitched on a few and its about time she got hers..