Friday, January 29, 2010

Birmingham School Girls drug tested, suspended over Altoids

According to a story in the BHAM News three girls in middle school each ate an Altoid breath mint, got rushed to the hospital and drug tested, passed the drug test and were still suspended.

Zero tolerance policies, for all practical purposes, outlaw the use of common sense by school teachers and administrators. They never should have been instituted in the first place, because they are fucking retarded, and it is long past time we got rid of them.


sixstring said...

Aren't Altoids on schedule 1?

Anonymous said...

Don't they need a parents permission to question or do a urine screen on a minor? maybe it's time for a zero tolerance law against people w/o enough common sense to tell a freakin breath mint from a aspirin from working for the school district. I just hope the parent's will sue this moron into life long poverty. who would think it was a good idea to piss test a little girl for wanting to have freash breath?

Loretta Nall said...

anon...The parents were called and they transported their children to the hospital if I read the story correctly. But your point is still valid.