Friday, January 29, 2010

A really dumb letter in the Anniston Star

A lady named Tonya Curvin wrote a response to ACC member and patient Chris Butts letter about medical marijuana that appeared in the Star a few weeks ago. It may be one of the dumbest things I have ever read. She suggests that terminally ill people and those suffering from severe, debilitating pain go to a counselor, a chiropractor, exercise and talk to the preacher instead of using medication of any kind to ease their pain.

What a nut!

She uses the same tired, old, unfounded propaganda to try and back up her claims.

Drugs lead to more drugs

However, her ignorance sparked a really great conversation. I encourage all of you to check it out, join in the discussion and write a letter to the Anniston Star in response.


sixstring said...

I'm surprised this letter was published. It's really weak.

Anonymous said...

Then Miss Curvin will not mind foregoing the demerol and nitrous during her next root canal . see how well talking to a some snake oil peddling faith healer of a preacher or a drug counsler does in alleviating her pain from a 3rd degree burn or a slipped disc. or from the incision from a heart bypass. I think you are right the gene pool has become so polutted that it's time to drain the pool and start over

Don said...

Tonya Curvin wrote, “There are other ways to live a painful life without drugs: Therapists, chiropractors, counselors, pastors and exercises are examples. It's also sad to say, but some chronic pain sufferers got hurt under the influence of drugs and that's why they are now in chronic pain.”

Note that she said “live a painful life” instead of “alleviate their pain”.

I’ve tried most of the examples she cited plus prescribed pain relief drugs and none of them helped me. The only relief I get is from a non-prescribed legal drug called alcohol which probably does more harm to my body than marijuana ever could, and I imagine it costs more too.

My chronic pain didn’t come about as a result of being under the influence of drugs. It came about while I was serving in the military protecting her freedom and her right to spout her nonsense.

Loretta Nall said...

Hey Don put that comment in an LTE and fire it off to the Anniston Star

Don said...

Lo, I intend to do just that when I can get to it. The first thing I did was add my own comment (as “driq”) to the numerous ones already in the Anniston Star. Now I’m working on an email to send to my state representative, Barry Mask, who told me last year that he couldn’t support the medical marijuana bill, citing this article in the Star and asking him to read it and the comments and hopefully give this issue more study and thought and then perhaps change his position. When I send it to him you will receive a copy of it.



Erniedog said...


Sorry to change subjects but didn't know where else to ask: which candidate running for AL Gov in 2010 supports medical marijuana?

Thanks - Erniedog