Saturday, January 30, 2010

R.I.P. Daniel Mingo

Daniel Mingo, 25, MURDERED by Mobile Police

I think I am going to have to stop reading the paper. Every time I do so I find a story about another person murdered by police. This one in Mobile is enough to make you hate every cop you see, much more than you already do.

By Katherine Sayre
January 30, 2010, 6:33AM
BREAKING icon.jpgMOBILE, Ala. -- A Mobile man who, according to a lawsuit, was severely beaten and shocked with a Taser by Mobile police last week, died Thursday after being taken off life support, authorities said.

Daniel Mingo, 25, filed a lawsuit against the city of Mobile and the Mobile Police Department, claiming police beat him after he ran away from officers on Halls Mill Road on Jan. 21.

The lawsuit also claims that officers knew Mingo had mental disabilities and was a patient at local mental health facility.

The city has said police acted appropriately and were waiting the results of an autopsy.

That's what they always say, "Police acted appropriately" when they know it is a damn lie. Why does the city cover for these MURDERERS?

After the altercation with police, Mingo was left brain dead and breathing on a ventilator at Mobile Infirmary Medical Center, according to the lawsuit filed Thursday in Mobile County Circuit Court.

He suffered a broken nose, blunt force trauma to the head and neck and several cardiac arrests, according to the lawsuit.

Mobile police have said that officers saw Mingo's car swerving across the road just after 11:30 a.m. and pulled him over.

An officer saw Mingo put something in his mouth, police said, and Mingo ran away, shedding his clothes as he fled. He was later found in a nearby shed.

According to the lawsuit, police beat him, "stripped him of his clothes," "drug him through asphalt gravel and glass," and shocked him with a Taser several times.

However, the hospital says no drugs or alcohol were found in Mr. Mingo's system.

According to the lawsuit, Mingo wasn't in possession of illegal drugs, and "had committed no crime other than a possible alleged traffic violation."

Dearman said tests at the hospital immediately after the incident confirmed that Mingo had no drugs or alcohol in his body. The cause of death was respiratory failure, he said.

Mingo had "nonviolent mental disabilities" and police were told about those disabilities by his mother - who called police dispatch - and a person in his car, according to the lawsuit.

Dearman said he had learning disabilities and suffered from paranoia.

After being stopped, Mingo ran away because he was "fearing for his life," the lawsuit states.

Officers who eventually caught Mingo had "harassed and threatened" him in the past for refusing to become a drug informant, according to the lawsuit.

At the hospital, nurses spent more than two hours removing glass, gravel and other debris from open wounds, according to the lawsuit, and Mingo suffered from severe brain swelling.

Mr. Mingo died after being removed from life support at 3:30 pm Thursday.

I am so angry right now I am at a loss for words. The poor family of this young man must be absolutely devastated. I know I would be. I also know this. Cops are rarely held accountable by the courts for murders they commit. If this were my kid I would straight up go sniper on the mother fuckers involved. And I wouldn't go for the cops themselves right away. I'd go for their loved they could know first hand the unspeakable pain their actions caused and could feel just exactly what it is like to lose a child. Death would be much too painless and over much too quickly for the cops themselves. They need to suffer.


Anonymous said...

Drug users are unconditionally exterminable, just ask any cop or DA.

Sadly deaths like this are common place in America. Dean Becker,

sixstring said...

Why does the city cover for these MURDERERS? To avoid liability, of course. It NEVER fails to happen. The cops ALWAYS act appropriately no matter what. This is one big reason why these kinds of things continue to happen. The cops rarely suffer any consequences. And many of them actually "get off" on dispensing this abuse. That's why they became cops in the first place( see your fellow student's comments about the thrill of tearing up someone's home). If you need help, don't call the police because you just may be the one who gets arrested or tased. SAD.....but true.

Anonymous said...

You are horribly uninformed. You know only what the press tells you. You should refrain from commenting on stories when you do not know the facts.

Loretta Nall said...

well anon why don't you 'enlighten' me to the facts. Let me are one of the pigs involved or a friend of one of the pigs involved and you believe every word being said by the pigs in regard to this case. How else could you know anything not printed in the story? I don't think the media would print a bunch of lies. Too much liability.

Wait til it's your kid or family member who is killed and then you will want something done about it.

Anonymous said...

Just happened in Massachusetts as well, also killed for running away....

Lawyer: Mass. sobriety checkpoint death a homicide

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BOSTON -- A man whose family believes he was beaten by police at a sobriety checkpoint died of blunt trauma to the head, torso and chest, and a state medical examiner ruled his death a homicide.

The findings support the family's claim that Kenneth Howe, 45, of Worcester, was beaten by police at the North Andover checkpoint the day before Thanksgiving, said his family's lawyer, Frances King.

"There's no doubt that he was beaten to death," King said Friday.

Anonymous said...

These steroid eating control freak thug's have got to be brought under many more mothers have to be told sorry we killed your kid becuase he didnt do what i said to do fast enough to suit my enourmous ego .Why are these cops not required to have a minimum of pysch.screening before being turned loose to seek revenge on all those kids that stole their lunch money or any one else who dares question their authority .They are like an army of grown up eric cartman's with learning dis-ability's and severe infriority complex's .Hopefully the community will not allow the murderer's to go free this time .

EBONY M. said...

daniel mingo was a close friend of minds.and what the police did to him was wrong in i wouldn't wish what the police did to him on anybody. everyone who know him or ever shared a word with him couldn't say a thing bad about him,but they would say he was kind an everything u ask him for he gave if he could. in when ever u called he came. he's the best person i ever met in for the men who suppose to protect us to do such an evil thing it hurt me so go to the hospital in see one of your love ones lying in the hospital bed lifeless with a maschine breathing for him,with a broken nose, busted lip,cuts in his legs, cuts on his wrists in ankles where he was tied up and draged, it really kills apart of you trying to have hope,but the doctors telling u he's not going to make yeah it kills apart of you. and my friend suffering all cause he wont snitch what the fuck type shit that is. last saturday i buried someone i love who harm noone all he wanted to do was live his life so for the person who say u don't know the facts i know the truth. everyday i call his phone knowing im going to an answering maschine but i still call. all i got left is pictures, r.i.p shirts ,and memories. and i ask why lie u already took somebody friend, only son,and only grandson. i still think its all a dream in he going to call me to come ride with him.


Loretta Nall said...


Thank you so much for commenting here about the murder of Daniel Mingo. Many of us in Alabama would like to help his family in some way.

Would you please email me at so that we can have a private discussion about the best way to assist his family and friends during this difficult time.

You are also welcome to call me at 251-650-2271

Loretta Nall