Monday, February 01, 2010

Mobile Press Register: Alabama a Police State

Editorial: Raids are embarrassing and didn't accomplish anything

The Mobile Press Register issued a scathing rebuke against Governor Riley and Mobile DA (and anti-illegal gambling task force commander) John Tyson over the failed raids last week of Country Crossing and Victoryland. I especially liked this line;

If they had been hunting down bomb-toting terrorists instead of trying to shut down electronic bingo machines, the show of force might have made sense. As it was, the attempted raids of Country Crossing near Dothan and VictoryLand in Shorter looked like an abuse of power more suited to a police state than the state of Alabama.

And this one;

Their justification for the massive raids is that electronic bingo gambling is illegal. So is entering and trying to confiscate property without a search warrant.

I've never seen the Press Register say anything negative about Riley. Nor have I ever seen them use the words Police State.

I can't help but be reminded of the failed drug war and the parallels with this issue of bingo/gambling. The 'crime' of gambling is victimless. In the drug war the police show up at 3 am with a hundred armed men in balaclavas, break in doors, throw flash bang grenades and do not identify themselves.....all over a joint or two. The money being wasted on that failed policy is in the hundreds of millions a year just for Alabama. Talk about police state........


sixstring said...

What is the link to? Mcguire sisters?

Loretta Nall said...

Here is the link
Press Register editorial

I have no clue where the McGuire sisters link came from. How strange

KingRam said...

I saw this yesterday...watched the video of the raid at Country Crossings. I was dumbfounded! The MBR, apparently, were enraged! The parallel to drug raids is appropo. I can't understand Riley's overzealous pursuit...King doesn't either!

LoadedNow said...

Mobile al is a serious poilice state more cops in mobile X 3 then all of atlanta, ga. I know this cause i had to move away just to be able to smoke some weed without b/s. Mobile al da needed me for a murder i witnessed but i told her i wouldnt testify unless they could drop two traffic tickets i had not paid. I got these traffic tickets through there road blocks which they set up on random streets every single weekend. Of coarse the assistant Da turned down my offer because they have more drugs to worry abou. Murders are not that serious to mobile it happens everyday. More cops will show up quicker to a drug bust than someone getting robbed or shot. Believe me on this! Stay away from mobile. Oh and if you get pulled over in mobile you can expect atleast two more cops show up because they have nothing else to do.