Tuesday, February 02, 2010


From a story about a marijuana bust in Tuscaloosa

when figuring that individuals pay mid-level dealers around $380 for one ounce.

What planet are cops from? No one I know in Alabama pays anywhere near $380 for one ounce of weed unless it is certified-kick-ass from Canada or California/West Coast. And, I NEVER see that kind of weed in Alabama.

Even worse than the cops jacking of the prices is the fact that another young man, 25, will now be sent to rot and be sexually assaulted in an overcrowded, dangerous and inhumane Alabama prison....all for selling something that grows naturally on this earth.

Where do these mother fuckers get off outlawing nature?

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Chris said...

So now they are getting their pricing from dispensaries in MMJ states? What's that like 14 bucks a gram?

The just inflate the monetary worth to make it sound worse than it is.... nothing new.