Friday, January 08, 2010

Roll Tide!

I'm actually a huge Auburn fan....but this morning I just gotta say



sixstring said...

I won't hold that against you.


Don said...

Loretta, as usual I’m on the same page with you. I was born and grew up in Chattanooga, TN and was a supporter of our Tennessee Vols. After I retired from the USAF and settled first in, and later near, Wetumpka, AL it took a few years for me to stop supporting the Vols when they played against either the Tide or the Tigers, but I eventually did. My 2 girls, Terry and Sandra, grew up as ‘Bama supporters but they later graduated from Auburn.

Today, I support and root for both Alabama and Auburn, until they play against one another. Then I root for the team that has the best chance for a higher national ranking and possibly a national championship. The Crimson Tide brought that championship home to Alabamians for the 13th time Thursday night, so……..TIDE, continue to ROLL!!!

Nicjor79 said...

As a fellow Auburn fan, I must also say ROLL TIDE ROLL!