Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Another Good Bill to Support this Week

HB407 would put an end to the disgraceful practice of county sheriff's getting rich by starving prisoners. Currently in Alabama there is a law (it's in the Alabama Constitution) that whatever money is left over from feeding inmates the sheriff gets to put in his pocket. Morgan Co. Sheriff Greg Bartlett pocketed over $200,000. Since there is only a $1.75 day allowance per prisoner per day one wonders how any money would be left over at all. That $1.75 covers all three meals. Can you eat or feed your family members three meals a day on $1.75?

In Jan. on 2009 Judge UW Clemon locked up Morgan County Sheriff Greg Bartlett in his own jail for starving the inmates under his care.

HB407 would mandate that any monies left over be deposited into an account to be used ONLY for feeding inmates.

Please contact the County and Municipal Government Committee and ask them to pass HB407.


Chris said...

You want to talk about biting your tongue (almost off)..... We happen to be printing Greg Bartlett's stuff for his RE-election campaign. Does he REALLY think he's going to get re-elected? Give me a break!

Loretta Nall said...

LMAO Chris....And yeah since this is Hellabama and most residents seem hell bent on torturing, punishing, and just being douche bags in general to those of us who stray from the herd and occasionally wind up in places like Greg Bartlett's jail I believe he probably will be re-elected. Let's hope I'm wrong.

Chris said...

The general consensus is that he's wasting his time and money. There are SEVERAL people running for his office. I forget her name but there's a woman running for sheriff that has a huge amount of support.