Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Look at that MONSTER DOG!

From a story in the Clanton Advertiser

Super Dog Found Along Jemison Roadside

Click on the won't believe the size of this big boy!

I'm not so sure about the American Tundra Shepherd dog theory. He just looks like a massive German Shepherd to me. There is a breed of German Shepherd called King Shepherds that are huge like that. The sire of the female German Shepherd I bought last year was about that big though colored differently. He was only a year old and weighed 120 pounds. Largest GSD I have ever seen. The female turned out to be a monster dominate/aggressive beast who almost drove my Saul crazy so I had to get rid of her.

Someone commenting on the story at the Clanton Advertiser website thinks this may be their dog that went missing last year. I'm hoping that's the case and that there will be a happy reunion. I'd go crazy if my Saul went missing.

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