Friday, February 12, 2010

Major Career Change for Me

As most of my readers know I have been trying to get into nursing school for the last year. For the last three semesters I have been taking the prerequisites in an attempt to acquire one of the coveted nursing school spots available every term.

But, truth is I never wanted to be a nurse. I respect the profession. My mother was a nurse for over 30 years and two of my best friends are nurses....but I wasn't cut out for that profession. I have no desire to handle fecal matter and other bodily fluids of strangers...or anyone else for that matter. My heart isn't in it.

So, after giving it a great deal of thought I have decided to follow my dream and become a lawyer. It is what I have wanted to do since I was a kid. Either that or be a rock star and, since the rock star thing hasn't panned out and never will, it looks like law school for me.

Starting next semester I will be changing my major to law. Not sure where I will go or how I will get it done...but I will. The current plan is to take as many pre-law courses as I can at the community college I attend, then transfer to a four year university for my minor, which will either be political science or journalism, and then attend nigh classes at Faulkner or Jones School of Law.

I am very excited about my future as a defense attorney in the State of Alabama.


Brian said...

Are you not going to try for that other job this year - the one at the governor's mansion in Montgomery?

If not, can we at least have another good election results party?

Loretta Nall said...


So many people have begged me to run again this year for Governor. And, I really want to. However the signature requirements for statewide office (about 70,000....only 37,500 are required but you have to get double that in order to be sure and garner enough actual registered voter signatures) on top of running a campaign, on top of being a full time college student and's all just too much at this point.

Rest assured though that I will one day hold public office in Alabama. If I had a few volunteers to come to Tallapoosa and parts of Lee County to collect about 400 signatures for me to be placed on the ballot in November I would run against Rep. Betty Carol Graham....who at this point is unopposed. If people want to volunteer to come here and do that then I will run for her house seat in the upcoming November election.

Barring that look for me to run in 2014 or perhaps against Mike Rogers in the next federal election.

Loretta Nall said...

As for another good election party....considering the abysmal quality of the candidates thus far I think a 'Wake' would be more appropriate than a party. :) No matter who wins I will be mourning. And, if by some unimaginable lunacy Roy Moore wins I'm moving to Afghanistan.

Smokin' Deist said...

You should follow what course your heart tells you to. A lot of your classes will be helpful. A medical backing will help you as a lawyer practicing medical law or any other case where a medical foundation would be helpful. Only you can really decide where you want to go though.

That is a lot of schooling you have ahead of you and I believe you'll have no trouble handling it. I think in time you'll be an even bigger terror to the prohibitionists and other idiots in office.

Christie O'Brien said...

There ya go!! That's more like it! I never thought you were cut out for nursing school either to tell you the truth. You will be an exceptional lawyer however! I am so happy for you :)

sixstring said...

I didn't know Jones or Faulkner had a night program. I thought B'ham School of law was only one.

Anonymous said...

Good luck lorreta. Cleaning bedpan's is no way for a activist to make a living all though you can clean that kind of shit off a lot easier than the shit you will be getting from prosecuter's. best of luck

Don said...

I agree with Christie but will go one step further. Our state legislature already has too many lawyers in it, but most of them are dimwits who need a lucrative position as a legislature to make ends meet. The addition of a bright young lady such as you would improve our legislature even if you are still in the process of working toward your law degree.

You have mail regarding the possibility that you may run against Graham…..and time to do it is drawing nigh.

Zach Garner said...

It's a huge journey ahead of you. I'm sure you can accomplish whatever you commit to. Good luck!