Thursday, February 11, 2010

Striking Parallels Between Drug War and Gambling War

The meth lab/bingo hall analogy has been brought up in a few different media sources recently. The argument goes like this;

(quote from Mobile Press Register) We've heard the governor say several times that the state wouldn't condone a meth lab even if it provided 500 jobs. That comparison doesn't work, because no one disputes that meth is illegal and no law-abiding citizen would work for a meth lab."

Unfortunately, for those bringing it up, what it does is point out parallels between the failed drug war and this stupid bingo war.

Adult drug users/alcohol drinkers and people who like to gamble aren't much different in many respects. Most of them use/drink/gamble responsibly and do not harm anyone else or deny anyone else in their pursuit of life, liberty and happiness by doing those things. A small percentage of both drug users/alcohol drinkers/gamblers do become addicted or exhibit other problems that cause harm to others. But you will always have idiots in every group of people. However, making behaviors such as using drugs/drinking alcohol/gambling illegal punishes all those who engage in these behaviors responsibly and not just the idiots. That is why our prison system is so horribly overcrowded. Alcohol prohibition failed because our ancestors finally realized the simple fact that you can't punish everyone for the bad behavior of a few. It's time those of us in the 21st century revisited that simple lesson that history taught us and that we have ignored.

Drug use and gambling will never be eliminated and the negatives of both could be reduced with regulation of the industries with the monies from tax revenue going to our deplorable education system and other worthy programs in Alabama. Both would create jobs. Thousands of Alabama farmers could be back in business tomorrow if marijuana were legalized for adult use.

As for meth....that's nasty stuff and I don't use it. However, if it were regulated and controlled then there would be no people with enough deadly, toxic chemicals in their basements (or car trunks) to level six city blocks. No children would be around the manufacture of it because all of that would be done in a safe, laboratory environment with trained chemists....just as is done now with Desoxyn...that's prescription meth. People who became addicted would have more options for treatment and chances to recover from addiction and put their lives and families back together. And, when you look at the numbers the 'meth epidemic' is way overblown. It is estimated that there are 1.4 million meth users in the US. The US has a population of 308,664,392 That comes out to 0.45%

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Anonymous said...

The media always seems to forget to mention that there are a couple of legal meth labs in the US. Methamphetamine is sold under the pharma. name Desoxyn [ spelling may be wrong] it is still legal and is a sched. 2 substance.And is regulerly given to american fighter pilot's. I realy dont see how they could compare gambling to a stimulant abuse problem I have never seen some one in a casino that claim that there are bugs crawling on their skin or that their spouse was a under cover cop out to get them. But i have seen reporters equating cannabis growers / users to pedophiles and murderer's.