Thursday, March 18, 2010

Problems with Fire Safe Cigarettes

A couple months ago there was news story about the glue cigarette manufacturers are now putting in cigarettes to reduce the risk of fire. When I first learned about it I was very upset because there was no outreach to consumers to get our input or, as far as I know, any effort to alert us beforehand. Maybe I missed it.

Anyway, I noticed about a month ago that my ability to draw a good breath is declining. Rapidly. In the last week or so it has been especially bad. It feels like my bronchial tubes are inflamed and swollen and I wheeze like crazy. I wake up two or three times a night with horrible coughing fits and my lungs feel very raw. Last night I started using an old inhaler I found in my medicine cabinet and that seems to help a little.

Has anyone else who smokes noticed increased breathing difficulty since the glue was added? Someone pointed me to a petition site where over 25,000 signatures have been gathered to repeal the law that made it possible for this glue shit to find its way into consumers lungs.

In the meantime, I have started back using Camel and Marlboro Snus packets in an effort to reduce the damage to my lungs. I know it's gross for a woman to walk around with a big ol chaw of tobacco in her mouth but these little things are contained in a small pouch so it doesn't get everywhere and the need for spitting is negated. It is completely undetectable. I recommend them for anyone experiencing the same lung function problems that I am having who are unable to just lay tobacco down altogether.


VaporHead1:29 said...

- The Road to Hell is paved w/
good intentions and fire-retardant
(ethylene-vinyl-acetate co-polymer)

- All the more reason to roll-your-own
(w/ NON-fireproof papers, of course),
and / or use smokeless methods, such as a vaporizer or Camel Snus,

(I use a vaporizer at home, small-amounts of whole-leaf chew elsewhere...).

- Ironic that the FDA has stood in the way of
E-Cigarettes, (which are LESS of a fire hazard
and contain FEWER carcinogens than regular cigs...)
yet mandates "fire-safe" glue-sticks.

woodbutcher said...

Every one I know who smokes says they have not noticed anything diff except that the ciggs go out way easier when not constanly drawn on.But i noticed a differance in the tatse and my breathing with in a pretty short time of the change. My mom who is in her 70s has gotten much shorter of breath to the point where we will probably have to put her on oxygen soon if she does not quit. [May be some good out of this] It's nice to know
I was not just imagining this whole thing like I have been told by my freinds and family the past few months.It would be nice if they at least offered a choice between what they had before and this new crap we have to tolerate if we choose to continue to use their products.