Sunday, April 18, 2010

Garden Time

For the last two weeks I have spent as much time as possible in my garden tilling up the soil, adding fertilizer, manure, extra potting soil, and planting yummy things.

With all of the rain last year I didn't get one single tomato all season long. While I love most all fresh garden veggies I am particularly fond of a vine ripe tomato, in fact, I could live off tomato sandwiches all summer long, and swore this year that I would have a bed devoted solely to tomatoes. That first mission has been accomplished. So far I have planted one Black Krim, one Cherokee Purple, one Beefmaster, one red beefsteak, one Better Boy, one cherry, one Talladega, one Old German and one yellow Jubilee. They all look extremely happy. I've got the soaker hose arranged around them in case it decides not to rain much this year....unlike last year when it wouldn't stop raining, or the year before when it didn't rain all summer long. I can already taste the yummy, tangy, delightful, juicy, plump maters. Yum Yum!

Also tilled up a space and planted 9 sweet bell peppers, one jalapeno and one poblano pepper along with some sweet basil and onions. Today we plan to plant pink eye purple hulls and truckers white corn. After that we will get some okra, squash and cucumbers going and that should take care of all the things we like to eat around here in the summer.

Will take pics soon and share with all of you.

What do you have growing in your garden?


ivan said...

i've got some plants i started from seed -- bok choi (asian cabbage) looks real good but regular cabbafe probably wont make it -- got too hot too fast. got brandywine tomatoes and a half dozen other kinds of comatoes including six yaller ones (bought those plants) got green beans, kima beans, purple hull peas but they're not up yet, got red sweet peppers, got one row of peaches and cream corn not up yet, got quite a few squashs up and cucumers, got two tomato plants in but i've got a couple of garrison (real old heirloom type) plants i'm going to set out this week, got a row of swiss charge, got japanese radish in between other plants -- i'm just getting going. also, we ate up all the curly kale and collards i planted last fall, got buckets full of spring onions, and we're eating asparagus -- lots of it. ivan

Anonymous said...

I just moved to colorado from alabama last year and the grow season is much shorter. They say it frosts here in june so I don't know what to plant. I got some maters they call purple russians that are supposed to do well, I guess we'll see.

Loretta Nall said...

Ivan I want to come over and eat supper with you when your garden comes in.

Anon...Frost in! What part of Colorado did you move to? I am good friends with Mason Tvert of SAFER. If you happen to run into him out there say hello for me. And let me know what kind of garden you are able to get growing under those conditions.

Don said...

If a majority of the members of the Alabama legislature were intelligent, caring, and responsive to the needs of their constituents and would pass the Michael Phillips Compassionate Care Act I’d try to grow some marijuana to see if it might help alleviate my pain.

In the meantime, I’d love to feast on Loretta’s veggies when they are table-ready.