Monday, April 19, 2010

Loretta Nall and Jeff Blackburn of Texas Innocence Project on Centure of Lies

Last Sunday I was guest on Century of Lies with host Dean Becker of the Drug Truth Network. Also on the show was a true hero, Jeff Blackburn of the Innocence Project of Texas who is responsible for securing the release of 35 innocent people wrongfully convicted in the Tulia, Texas debacle back in 1999.

We discussed all of the major happenings in drug policy around the country, about the incredible work Jeff is doing, and talked about the amazing Alabama house judiciary committee hearing on medical marijuana and played the audio clip of Rep. John Robinson talking about the way medical marijuana has been handled in his district for many years.

I want to thank Jeff for giving me such praise for making things move here in Alabama. No offense to the great folks in Seattle or New Mexico for the work they have done in getting sensible medical and recreational drug laws passed, but as Jeff pointed out it's places like Alabama moving forward that really get his attention. Many thanks to all of the outstanding people who work with me in Alabama to make things move.

PLease listen to the show HERE

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