Friday, May 21, 2010

Carl Weaver and lawyer Jay Stover lay trap for Teel

According to the AP:

Associated Press - May 21, 2010 3:34 PM ET

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) - A lawyer for a Gadsden businessman says they alerted police after a Coosa County prosecutor and a private lawyer offered to keep the businessman from being indicted in a murder case in exchange for a $5 million payoff.

Attorney Jay Stover said Friday that he and his client, Carl Weaver, contacted Gadsden police in March after Weaver was offered the deal by Coosa County assistant district attorney Frank Teel of Sylacauga and Gadsden attorney Frank Wayne Bailey.

Bailey's lawyer says his client will be cleared and Frank Teel's lawyer is supposed to release a statement sometime today. Wonder who his lawyer is?

An attorney friend of mine told me that it is practically impossible for an assistant DA to make a capital murder charge go away without the knowledge of the DA, who in this case, is none other than Fred Thompson of Clay County. Had this case actually made it to court my buddy Judge John E. Rochester would have presided over the case. Wonder if Thompson was in on the deal?


Letters from Ripley said...

There are two odd things to this story. One...based on news reports...they took a "check" as the start of the pay-off. What idiot would take a check? Normally...this sort of stuff is done with a briefcase of case.

The second you dig around this murder case to does this rate for $5 million as some news folks indicate? I admit, there's not alot to explain the murder in the first place...which leaves me to think this was quietly done in the local papers. But ninety-nine percent of the folks in Bama don't run their lives in the $5 million range...unless drugs are involved.

I think at best, we know just a quarter of this entire story so far.

jdh911 said...

why has carl weaver not been arrested? I have waited fifteen years for the truth I have always known.

I am in contact with the state dept, wash, D.C. etc. I believe this to be a deep corruption and I am contacting any and all media that will listen.

This has gone on way too long, please contact me if you would be interested in the truth.

Denise Coleman

jdh911 said...

Please help me.

I am Darell Colemans' sister. I only want justice for what is right. My brother was tied up with duct tape, doused with kerosene and set on fire.

I stayed with him until his death. I know there are many more players in this murder. Anyone wanting the true story, please contact me.

Loretta Nall said...

Hi Denise,

Please email me at

I am going to continue to cover this story on my blog. There is a lot that the media hasn't reported, for reasons I can't quite figure out. Maybe you can help me. I would love to talk to you. I've been talking to the Carl Weaver side and am about to post an email they sent with their permission.

Email me.

Loretta Nall

Anonymous said...

hey, hey. don't know who you talked to, but I saw Bobby Teel - Robert Jr - in Rockford couple of weeks ago. see him there couple times a month. His addess and phone number are in phone book where he lives in birmingham. These are good boys. understand that people could have problems with Bob he was a judge and had to make hard decisions. every body here is shocked this happened to Frank. Have not talked to anybody that believes one word. good boy, never had any problems, worked hard, good reputation. something bad is going on here and Frank is not the bad one. I think you have got this all wrong. you go to his office and I would bet he would talk to you.

Anonymous said...

Believe Denise. All anyone has ever wanted was justice for Darrel & Chuck.

Loretta Nall said...

Hi anon...If you know how to get in touch with Denise please ask her to email me. I have a lot of questions and I would be more than happy to have her speaking for her brother and Chuck. What happened to them is horrible beyond my ability to express it. To burn someone alive takes nothing less than a monster. Whoever did it should receive the death penalty and I am usually not much of a proponent of the death penalty. But, if ever there was a case I could get behind the death penalty on it would be one for setting a live human being on fire.

Loretta Nall said...

To anon speaking on behalf of the Teel's. Just because Robert is seen in town and has an address in the phone book doesn't mean he didn't move to a secluded area. The again maybe that was a rumor propagated by the Teel's because he has done so many people so wrong. Or maybe the business owner I talked to was wrong.

Either way Robert is still one of the biggest assholes on earth and nothing will ever change that. He jailed me for a non-jailable offense right after I lost a child to SIDS and his own court assistant, Donna Abrams, paid the money ($746) out of her own pocket to get me out. She was a complete stranger to me until I walked into his courtroom that day nearly 10 years ago. Anyone who could treat a grieving mother like that is one of the lowest forms of life on earth in my book.

There will always be at least two sides to every story told. You like the Teel's, for whatever your reasons....but a lot of people who feel wronged by them do not and with good reason.

As for his brothers Carlton and Frank I have had no personal dealings with either of them. I hear that Carlton is a pretty fair guy on the bench, but cannot attest to that from personal experience. Have heard some pretty bad things about Frank long before this happened. If the things I have heard prior to this incident are true and it is found that he did do what he now stands accused of then I hope he rots in jail. And, I'm pretty sure Frank wouldn't talk to me. But, if he wanted to call me and have his side represented here then my number is 256-625-9599. I really hope that Freddie Thompson and John Rochester go down with him. That would just make the rest of my entire life. I could die happy if that happened.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to point out you have been misinformed. Bobby Teel is not and has never been in "hiding".

Donna Abrams is a sweet girl from a good family. And I can see her helping you out.

This case has nothing to do with Bobby or Carlton Teel.