Friday, May 21, 2010

$5 million the price of 'justice' in Coosa County

Frank Teel

There is more this morning on Assistant Coosa County DA Frank Selman Teel attempting to extort $5 million in exchange for rigging the grand jury to not return a capital murder indictment against Mr. Carl Weaver in the 1995 double murder and attempted murder in Coosa County.

Court records: Assistant D.A. wanted $5 million to prevent murder indictment

Here's my guess.

Weaver, they guy who the Gadsden lawyer and DA (Teel) (in the county next to me), were trying to extort money from, was the owner of the 1,000 marijuana plants found at the scene of the two murders and one attempted murder and likely employed the six men to stand guard over the crop. Firestone, after he was beaten and almost burned to death didn't come off this information to police....saving it for later use as leverage or maybe he was scared and didn't want to implicate himself in the grow-op. So, maybe Firestone tries to extort money from Weaver with the threat that he would tell everything, implicating Weaver as the guy who ordered the hits/owned the marijuana.

Weaver refuses and hires this attorney, Stover, who plays along nicely, apparently. Obviously DA Teel and lawyer Frank Bailey already knew everything from Firestone. So, one of them came up with the idea to sell a Grand Jury indictment verdict...meaning that no indictment would be handed down by the grand jury in Coosa County against Weaver if he coughed up $5 million.

Two things....1) I've often said "You can have as much justice as you can afford" and this is confirmation of that and 2) If this really is over 1,000 marijuana plants, which according to overblown police estimates would be worth $2 million on the streets, then it backs up what I always say on here and other isn't the marijuana that kills's the lucrative cash to be made from black market, which wouldn't even exist if people would wise up and legalize it for adult use. There would be no more incentive for corruption like least where marijuana is concerned. But, DA's and Judges and cops don't want it legalized for that very reason. They like those kinds of incentives.

For those of you not familiar with the Coosa County injustice system let me lay it out for you. The Teel's have something like a monarchy over it. There was an old man Robert (Bobby) Teel who was on the bench (municipal?) in 2000. I don't know if he is still alive or not. When he left the bench his son, I believe, Carlton took over the judgeship and Frank Teel, who is the assistant DA, is the brother of old man Teel and probably the uncle of Carlton Teel.'s like incest! The old Judge Teel put me in jail for not having car insurance right after that law was passed in 2000.

Another interesting thing is that if this case had gotten to court in Coosa Co. then none other than Judge John E. Rochester would have presided over it. And, y'all know there is no love lost between myself and the Rochester clan. Wouldn't be surprised if he wound up being in on it somehow....oh man that would make my day.

And just where do you suppose Teel was going to get his $1 million dollar check cashed? Cash Advance? Pay Day Loans? First National Bank of Rockford (or whatever bank might be there)?

I find it hard to believe he was really that stupid. Arrogance is more likely the culprit. If my family controlled the entire judicial system in one county then I'd probably feel invincible, too.


Letters from Ripley said...

Well....the only way to get out of this bribe another guy, and hope the Feds aren't listening in...because you'll have to bribe them...and then the whole bribe business starts going into the $20 million level.

Anybody in Bama...can bribe their way out of trouble. The question much?

trizzybob said...

Selman, what and unusual middle name ....must of had a mother very poud of her family heritage... I wonder if they are kin to walker county presiding circiut judge jerry selman