Thursday, May 20, 2010

Coosa D.A. Frank Teel Arrested for Extortion

The Birmingham News is reporting more on the arrest of Coosa County DA Frank Teel and Gadsden Attorney Frank Bailey.

"The assistant district attorney for Coosa County and a Gadsden attorney arrested Wednesday night used the threat of capital murder charges in a 1995 double homicide to try and extort $1 million."

The Gadsden Times has reported Bailey, 58, represented a third man who survived the incident, Roger Darrell Firestone, of Hokes Bluff, in a potential lawsuit. Teel, 59, was associated with the case.

"That was the source of their bargaining," Chris Bence, spokesman for Attorney General Troy King, told The Birmingham News.

Here is a photo line up of the three
men indicted in the murders and attempted murder.

Bailey is the lawyer for the guy that survived.


Anonymous said...

Had a land right of way case in that county with a Keith Howard and Frank Teal. Lot's of home cooking is the norm there, no justice and the area attorney's all know this is going in.

Anonymous said...

Check out the "other" Rockford lawyers! More info if you need it!