Friday, May 07, 2010

Global Marijuana March in Birmingham Tomorrow May 8

Please come out Saturday May 8th to 2330 Highland Avenue South in Birmingham (the big house next to Caldwell Park) starting around 3:30pm so that we can gather to walk down to 5 Points in support of the Worldwide Marijuana March. We will leave from 2330 around 4:00pm, so be sure to arrive before then. Also, after the march, come on back to 2330 Highland Ave. for a meet-n-greet and potluck meal. If you're able to, please bring a meat dish, casserole, side item or drink to share and if you plan on bringing something, please list it on the Alabama NORML or Alabamians for Compassionate Care Wall, so that we won't end up with 40 coleslaws and nothing else:) That way, we can self-coordinate the menu.

I'll send out an invite for the march and potluck in the middle of next week, but until then, spread the word about the march and potluck dinner and make plans to be there next Saturday, May 8th!

Bring a positive attitude and prepare to get involved. I believe we are at a crossroads for cannabis law reform in this country and the more people we can get involved who are committed to reform, the faster it will happen. As always, plan to leave any currently prohibited plants at home and try to dress sharp. Remember, we are trying to effect positive change not reinforce negative stereotypes. When people outside our community see a polite, peaceful demonstration with scores of individuals standing up for a cause, they won't be able to dismiss us easily.

Also, keep in mind that Sunday, May 9th is Mother's Day, so don't forget to tell your mother how much you appreciate her! Heck, bring her to the rally!

See you all on Saturday, May 8th!

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