Friday, May 07, 2010

Anniston Deputies go to Wrong Address....Murder Family Pet

Yet another disturbing story about cops committing puppycide. This time in Anniston, Alabama.

From the Anniston Star Deputies get address wrong...murder family pet.

And this one wasn't even a drug raid. They were serving civil papers, went to the wrong house, dog (a blue heeler) broke his chain and barked, deputy fired and missed, called for back-up, back up and animal control arrive, dog forgets about them and begins to chase cars, comes back into his own yard, is shot in the hip (how fucking cruel), growls when approached because he is in very serious pain and they shoot him in the head.

Not a damn thing will happen to the cops. However, if you or I shot a police dog, one who has been trained to attack humans, we'd get a long time in prison, because police consider the dogs as officers.

Well, I consider my dog Saul, the most awesome German Shepherd ever, a full fledged member of my family, but they could kill him and get full immunity.

Just goes to show that the cops get the wrong address all the time and no human or animal is safe as long as they are allowed to go storm trooping in and open fire on anything that moves or refuses to obey their commands and then face no consequences for their actions. Wonder if it has ever been explained to them that dogs don't exactly understand being yelled at by strangers toting guns.

This poor puppy was doing his job and protecting his masters home and property. All he did was bark then run away. If he took time out of his planned mauling of the deputies to chase cars then he obviously wasn't a threat to any of them. They killed him because they think that's fun and because they know they can get away with it.

God I hate cops! Pretty soon we will hear a story about cops opening fire on a goddamn goldfish. They'll say..."He was hopped up on drugs and had the strength of ten a piranha I tell you! Swam at me in a threatening manner Sarge...Refused to put his fins behind his back...I had no choice but to shoot him!" And it'll be ok because the cop was following procedure.


sixstring said...

Animal control (dog catcher) has easy non lethal means to control these dogs. Dog catchers don't even carry guns that I'm aware of. Why do the cops feel these dogs have to be shot? That's not the kind of person who should be a cop. But that's what we get....

David said...

We have turned into a police state. The police should be BANNED from carrying firearms, unless they are DETECTIVES. The violence would drastically decline when honest people are not shot by murderous police.

Letters from Ripley said...

At some point...and I'm going to really hate to see this happen...some cop is going to attempt to shoot a pet, and some kid is going to reach inside the door and pull out dad's shotgun. The kid will defend the pet to the bitter end. We are all going to ask why the cop had to be this stupid, and get no response.

Thirty years had just enough cops around to do the absolute business required. Today, we have four hundred percent...and they are chiefly there to hand out traffic tickets and walk into neighborhood fights like this one.

Loretta Nall said...

You're right Ripley....that exact scenario will play out before too long....only the kid will likely be shot, too, which is a tragedy too horrible to imagine. A much worse tragedy than if a kid kills a cop because the cop was going to kill the kids dog.

And, let's not forget to include the largest increase in cops is due to this damn drug war. The drug war is what Washington DC has used to expand and centralize government power out in small, sparsely populated areas of the country, like Alabama.

We are, no matter how much anyone wants to deny it, a Police State because of the drug war.

Letters from Ripley said...

Perhaps a history project here...but it would be interesting to have a dozen Bama cities listed with their population (I'm suggesting smaller towns), and their cop force in 1980 and in 2010.

There would be a very strong story to tell in the Alabama media, if folks grasped the police growth in the state has gone up around 300 percent in some communities. Some towns had two full-time cops and two squad cars in 1980....and today....have six cops and six cars. Where'd the business come from to support this (note, I didn't use the word crime...I used business)?

sixstring said...

Yes Ripley, it seems to me also that has gotten worse since the seventies. I don't ever remember this kind of Gestapo tactic crap back then. Hell, even Alabama passed a medical marijuana law in 1979(TRA) but the feds never let it happen.

Even Obama, who I believe may be somewhat empathetic to drug policy reform, continues to fund these operations.

These cops are out of control. Many on steroids just looking for an adrenaline rush. There is NO justification for these tactics.

Don said...

As Ripley sits on his porch and ponders even more over this, he may be ask himself, as I do, how long will it be before the US Congress passes another law in the middle of the night that no one read, or President Obama just issues one of those executive orders declaring that all police forces at whatever level of government in the various states have been federalized and will follow only his orders regarding the national war on drugs from henceforth and forever more?

I believe that we don’t actually live in a police state (as David commented) rather than a representative republic…....we now live under a dictatorship.

THIS MUST BE CHANGED by Americans at the ballot box or we may see blood running in streets all over the USA.

woodbutcher said...

We Need a web site dedicated to the members of law enforcment that have murdered pets with thier pictures and names and possibly address and any other info that can be found like mistresses address etc. people should know who these thugs are so if they see one they can protect themselves by moving away from them so they dont catch a stray round from some deranged pet owner who is hell bent on revenge. I would like to see them shamed in to changing their actions but shame requires a person to have a soul or a spirit these LEO'S have neither but maybe we could at least shame thier familys into leaving them until they repent