Monday, May 17, 2010

Latest on Steve Nodine case

The Press-Register is apparently running an individual story on every mini-story contained in previous stories about County Commissioner Steve Nodine, who is the only named suspect in the murder of his long time mistress Angel Downs.

Today's story is about Nodine showing up at the oil spill command center in early May so drunk/hopped up on pills that he was asked to leave or face arrest. (Arrest...yeah right).

I wonder, did Nodine drive himself to the oil spill command center? If so, why was he allowed to leave if he was that intoxicated? Did no one care about potential deaths he might cause on the highway or potential lawsuits that would have inevitably followed had he killed someone while roaring up and down the road in his county truck?

It also goes on to mention an article by a guy named Shane McBryde who used to be good friends with Nodine. McBryde was in radio and Nodine was in advertising. They became fast friends and McBryde "helped Nodine score weed". Later, McBryde was hired as the spokesperson for the Mobile County Sheriff's Dept. No shit! Wonder how many piss ant marijuana busts he commented on as spokesperson for the Mobile Co. Sheriff's Dept. under former Sheriff Jack Tillman?

These people have no concept of what shame or hypocrisy are. Makes me want to vomit!


The Masked Blogger said...

One has to wonder what the Mobile elites think of their "Golden Boy" now. After all, one doesn't go from ad salesman to county commissioner without having some of them on one's side. Like most cases of shame and hypocrisy, I don't expect that anyone will readily confess to their enablement of Nodine's atrocious behaviour....and the beat goes on.

If we can believe the Baldwin county DA, Nodine has murdered Angel Downs. If this turns out to be the case nobody who really knew Steve Nodine can say that they didn't see the warning signs. Those people will have blood on their hands. There were ample opportunities to stop him, and nobody bothered.

sixstring said...

Uncle Henry into pot? I suspected as much...

Letters from Ripley said...

Only an observation...but at some point...significant people might think that Nodine is more of a liability in their lives by talking too much...and then he ends up in a ditch without much life left in him. Stranger things have happened in Mobile.

If the Feds thought he had valuable information...they'd best go and grab the guy might end up being too late in a month.

shane_975wabb said...

Ms. Nall,

Hi. I'm writing in reference to your comment, "These people have no concept of what shame or hypocrisy are," refering to myself presumably visa vi Nodine. I know what hypocrisy is becuase I felt like a hypocite working at S.O. and I have felt my fair share shame over seeing people with weed get busted. That's precisely why, as I stated in my article, when my contract was up I left. I told many freinds at that time that my conscience wouldn't allow me to continue in that position.

It's unfair in my opinion to lump me in with the Nodine's of this world. I realized quickly that government/law enforcement wasn't for me, for a variety of reasons and would not and could not decieve citizens in that fashion.

Other than that, I've never held any public office, never committed violence against women, never engaged in abuses of the public trust. And, most certainly never been implicated in someone's death.


Shane McBryde

Anonymous said...

I do not think nodine murdered downs, just because he drove off minutes before her death, she probaly shot herself. he has done some illigel things but not enough to send him to prison. I hope her death will be proved soon. D Collins