Thursday, May 20, 2010

Nodine Updates

Nodine abused truck, gas card oversight

Items seized from Nodine's truck

Items found in search of Downs home revealed

Attorney: Nodine hasn't killed anyone

Baldwin Co. Sheriff says there may be video of Angel Downs shooting

Investigators fine spent .40 caliber shells, blood, clothing etc in Nodine's truck

Mobile D.A. John Tyson says prayer for Steve Nodine

Goooood Grief! How many other suspected murderers has DA John Tyson prayed over in the past? If I am not mistaken Tyson will be over the impeachment proceedings against Steve Nodine, which start today, unless he has recused himself and I missed it. Wouldn't that make saying a public prayer for Nodine a conflict of interest?

Wonder what he prayed for?

BTW, this was the first Outback prayer meeting that Nodine had ever attended.

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