Friday, June 04, 2010

Another good outcome in Tuesday's primary

Evangelical lunatic Senator Hank Erwin who believes that Alabama victims of rape and incest should be forced by the goddamn state to carry their unwanted, potentially inbred fetuses to term (you know....cuz we just don't have enough inbred folks in Alabama!) lost his bid to become the candidate for Lt. Governor in the November election.


Folks, we have avoided the horror of all horrors...a combination of Roy Moore as Governor and Hank Erwin as Lt. Governor. Honestly, I would have moved out of state if that combination had become a reality...and in Alabama, religious dictatorship, identical to that of the Taliban, is always a very real possibility. Sadly.

I have never been able to stomach Erwin....not for more than a moment. Although I did stomach him long enough to have this cool picture taken at the protest against the legislative pay raise in 2007.

Rep. Cam Ward (R- Shelby) ran unopposed for Erwin's vacated seat. Unfortunately Kay Ivey was selected to run as the Republican Lt. Governor candidate in November. She will face Democrat Jim Folsom. I'm no Kay Ivey fan...not by a long shot but, she would have to be better than Erwin....if only by a hair.... as it would be near impossible to imagine anyone worse than Erwin!! Plus, Ivey stands a great chance of being defeated because of the collapse of PACT. Her name is all over that. But, so is Jim Folsom's. Hard to understand why Alabama would elect either one of them to any public office after the bankrupt status of PACT. Will be an interesting race.

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Don said...

I believe I read somewhere that Byrne was on the PACT board and missed 5 of 7 meetings during the time PACT was becoming insolvent due to having its funds heavily invested in the stock market as the market was taking a dive. That would make his name be all over the PACT collapse too, yet he leads the candidates for the Republican gubernatorial nomination.