Friday, July 23, 2010

Jail Sex Scandal in Clay County

Boy I tell you....the corruption never ends in my native Clay County, Alabama. I'd been reading tidbits of the following lawsuit in the Clay Times Journal. Of course, since it isn't a real newspaper with real journalists, but rather a local rag that exists only to prop up the powers that be and make the county look good, I didn't expect much to begin with. Thank goodness I have other sources for getting factual information.

Seems the jail administrator, Scotty Cotney, is suing two former inmates, a former jailer (Phil Green) and multiple fictitious defendants for alleging rape and sexual molestation at his hands or talking about rape and sexual abuse perpetuated by him. The two former inmates are counter suing.

One inmate, Daniel Hall, has made some astonishing and graphic claims. He claims that on multiple occasions over an 18 month period Scott Cotney took him out of the jail and to his trailer in Millerville where Cotney performed oral sex and other sex acts on him and sometimes video taped them. He also alleges that Cotney took him shopping, bought him personal food items on the jail account, and took him to get hair cuts. He claims that Sheriff Jean Dot Alexander was well aware of this.

Anthony Haywood, the other defendant/inmate claims that Cotney routinely singled him out of the line of men coming back from work release and took him to a separate room where he was made to strip naked and was fondled by Cotney. He claims that Cotney made him a trustee and assigned him to the kitchen as a cook and would grope and fondle him in front of other inmates. He alleges that on one incident the other inmates were overheard saying "Oh, Scott's got him another boy."

Hall also states that other inmates were routinely taken out of jail against the rules and made to perform work for jail staff, Sheriff's Dept. employees, employees of the court system, and individuals and businesses in the community. None of this work is related to state approved work release programs. Specifically, they were made to do lawn work, carpentry, auto mechanics and general manual labor for the above mentioned.

I wouldn't be surprised if this turns out to be true. Clay County, Alabama is one of the most corrupt places on earth. Sad to say this kind of mistreatment of jail inmates is not uncommon in Alabama. Remember Judge Spanky Herman Thomas of Mobile who would routinely check inmates out of jail, have them come to his office, drop trou and paddle them for sexual gratification?


Anonymous said...

Dont those christian law and order types consider that type of thing a sin ?? Or is this some type of punishment? May be that is it. The warden is not a closet case he is just punishing these bad men for their crimes right?

sixstring said...

It's not the system of justice that insures justice, it's the people who implement it.

Anonymous said...

how in the heck could this be allowed? is he still working there? what is being done about this. I am in utter disbelief regarding this. Those in jail are there to do their time and then this is what they are being subjected to...I can not believe that the sherrif knows and isnt or hasnt done anything.. why is that???

Loretta Nall said...

anon happens in every jail and prison in Alabama and every other state every single day and it is horrific! As you said it is the prison that is supposed to be the punishment and not any of the other horrible things that routinely happen to inmates.

The really sad thing is that because someone is an inmate the chances of them being believed is almost nil. Because of that they are the easiest people to prey on in the world and never get caught.

We will see what comes as a result of the lawsuit. I hope the video tapes that one of the prisoners said Cotney made of his being forced to perform sex acts is found.

Anonymous said...

Just read this blog. I have no doubt that what is being reported about Scott Cotney is true. That stuff, especially the parts about inmates being taken to people's houses to perform general labor (grass cutting, landscaping, deck building, etc.), has been going on for years. There is no telling what all that the Cotneys have gained from their positions in the Clay County Sherriff's dept. and that's not including the sexual favors. What comes around goes around.

Anonymous said...

One of those inmates you speak of is my brother....I believe whole heartedly that Scott Cotney is a monster! My brother would never humiliate himself like that. Have you ever met this disgusting man?