Saturday, July 24, 2010

Stick to poisonous snakes, Reverend!

A preacher in Cullman, (a very special place ;) ), complained about the 'pornographic' pictures on men's underwear....and the Sheriff got involved....and WALMART withdrew the packaging.

No, sadly, I am not kidding.

Cullman Times

CULLMAN — A local pastor’s complaint about a brand of underwear being sold with “pornographic” pictures on the packaging at the Cullman Walmart reportedly led to a recall of the product.

Frank Boren, pastor of New Hope Christian Center Church of God in the Springhill community, said he noticed the questionable underwear package while shopping at the store in May.

“I was in there shopping for some underwear one day, and looked at the men’s pictures on the packaging,” he said. “On a few of the packages they were very pornographic in the way they were dressed, in skimpy underwear, so I went to the manager and asked her if she thought it was inappropriate to be displayed.”

Here are some suggestions for the good Reverend.

1. Get a life

2. Someone subscribe that man to Playgirl

3. Hold a drawer check at the door of the church on Sunday to make sure no sinners come in wearing those drawers.

4. Reckon Jesus's loin cloth gets the preacher all hot and bothered?

5. Stick to dancing with poisonous snakes Reverend....since trouser snakes so clearly offend you.

It's idiots like this who make Alabama such a hellish place to live.

There are no pictures of the offensive drawer package, unfortunately.


Anonymous said...

He needs to have his extortion or I mean collection box stuffed with unerwear ads from walmart /k mart / sears etc. May be he would feel better if the unerwear packaging had a picture of a man with a skid mark shaped like jebus on it..

Victor's Secret said...

This is SO laughable!

Underwear packages are supposed to
have a picture of the person,
(man or woman),
WEARING their respective undergarments...

if anything,
the pictures are quite "clinical"
(As "pornographic" as a medical-illustration)

Fruit of the "Boom!!!" said...

In this age of terrorists and
underwear suicide bombers,
it begs the question;
"Is that a stick of dynamite or
are you just glad to see me?"