Monday, July 26, 2010

That's it! I am moving to the North Pole

I am so incredibly sick of this heat! Yesterday the read out on my truck temp gauge was 113 and only dropped to 108 after I had driven about 6 miles to the store. Today from 11 a.m. until after I got home around 3 p.m. the temp was 102. This is one of the most miserable summers I can remember. I have two air conditioners and two fans running 24/7 and it is still nearly unbearable in here. It isn't even cooling down at night!

Every year the summers in Alabama seem to get worse and worse. I would dearly love to live where the climate didn't get above say 80 in full summer. I don't care how cold the winters might be in such a place. I love cold weather. Right now I wish I was in a tub of ice cubes.

What are y'all doing to stay cool in this blast furnace?


Smokin' Deist said...

And I thought we were hot with high 90 to low 100 degree temps. But we just moved to Salem, Oregon from the Oregon Coast, where it tends to be a bit cooler then in the Willamette Valley. We also don't have any air conditioning--just one fan and I think my car's AC needs to be recharged. :P

On the Oregon Coast, it can get above 90, but that is not really common. The weather is usually pretty mild there since the ocean helps to regulate the temprature there. You just have to get used to high winds during winter. That and all of the rain we get in the Pacific Northwest.

On top of all that, we also have medical marijuana.

Don said...

Don’t go anywhere unless you take me with you. :-)

Seriously, it is hot as Hades and usually very humid here in Alabama now. The humidity increases our discomfort. Dry heat over 100 degrees is more comfortable than 90 degrees with high humidity.

When I was young the only air-conditioning around probably was in a couple of the better movie theaters in downtown Chattanooga, but everyone seemed to survive the heat because they were accustomed to it.

The thermostat on my central A/C is set on 75 degrees and it runs from sometime early to mid morning until after dark, and then cuts on again a time or two during the night. I’m staying inside as much as possible and drinking liquids, some of which are of the adult variety. Then, as the sun is going down and the temperature is moderating a bit in late afternoon I sometimes go out for some refreshing skinny-dipping in my pool.

Would you care to join me? :-)

(You may get an email or a phone call about this.)

Land of the Freon said...

A CHILLING story...

One of my window A/C's was not cooling very well, (except at night),
until I decided to spray off the outside, (condenser), coil with a
hose sprayer set to a flat, fan-shaped pattern,
(and making sure the excess water all drained away properly).

it brings the room-temperature down to 74F at midday,
just like when it was new!

Smokin' Deist said...

My wife and I just got back from Astoria, Oregon and the whole time we were there the temperature was in the 60s--20 degrees cooler then Salem. Yeahm you wouldn't have to move to the North Pole. lol