Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Where do I apply?

From CNN:

Getting Paid to be a Pot Critic

Yeah...I could definitely excel and rise to the top in that particular job. I'd be there every day...early. Volunteer to work overtime every chance I got. I'd never be out sick. And...yeah....that's one 'drug test' I'd take over and over and over.

Where do I apply?


Poke Smot, get P.O'd said...

I was wondering the same thing...

Perhaps the more-pertinent questions
to ask are...

"WHO do I need to know...?"
"WHICH state do I need to relocate to?"
(California? Colorado? Oregon???)

Some time ago, I recall seeing
classifieds on the back page of
the local alternative-weekly news-
paper for "smokepotgetpaid_DOT_com",
however, I deem them questionable,
because no legitimate research
organization charges a fee for enrollment,
participation NOR a list of current studies...!!!

Loretta Nall said...

Poke Smot....I shall investigate what qualifications are needed and where one might have to relocate to secure a position of prestige like this one. I am more than willing, as is most every cannabis consumer in Alabama, to pack up and head to greener pastures that have less brutal summers and fewer prohibitionist morons. Will report back.

Don said...

“William Breathes” rocks, but you, Loretta, would rock even more.

Poke Smot? Drew Vapormoore!!! said...

Thank you for looking into this...

I've watched the CNN news-video several times...

Primary qualifications mentioned were...
"Must have excellent grammar-skills"
and of course, the ability to distinguish
many and subtle nuances of
diverse medi-cann cultivars...

Also, a "creative" pseudonym is a MUST!!! ;-)