Sunday, July 04, 2010


Got an email this morning telling me that there is a 'Ron Paul' like candidate running for Alabama Senate in Dist. 9 (Blount Co.) and that I should donate money to TODAY! The email included a link to the website of Senate candidate Clay Scofield, so I checked it out. I am a big Ron Paul fan (on most issues) and was pretty excited about the possibility that someone with Dr. Paul's views is running in Alabama.

However, I was disappointed. On the issues page the following items are listed.

Clay Believes:

• No new taxes should be imposed on our hard working families
• In bringing new jobs and industry to District 9
• Education dollars need to actually reach our children
• In the need for smaller and more ethical government
• A strong military
• In the right of every law-abiding citizen to own a gun
• In traditional marriage between one man and one woman

Here are my questions:

1. How will Mr. Scofield bring new jobs to his district? All the candidates say this is what they want but, I've yet to see one lay out exactly how they plan to do that. What's that old saying? Wish in one hand....
I need details please.

2. How does his belief in the need for a 'smaller and more ethical government' wind up in the same line up as 'In traditional marriage between one man and one woman'? Smaller government means SMALLER GOVERNMENT and interfering in one of the most personal decisions one can make (marriage) is NOT SMALL GOVERNMENT. It is, in fact, HUGE GOVERNMENT. Got it?

3. I am all for the right of the citizens to own any firearm they want. That right is enshrined in the Second Amendment, which ranks only second to the Bible in Alabama. Plus, the Supreme Court just reaffirmed that it means what it why make it a campaign issue? Is there an attack on gun ownership rights in Alabama? Or, is it just that he can't come up with any real issues facing this state to campaign on?

This guy is no Ron Paul candidate. He is running on a traditional Republican platform of God, Gays, and Guns.


I don't know about y'all....but I have had enough of that bullshit mantra to last a number of lifetimes. So, Mr. Scofield, you won't be getting any cash from me. You are a hypocrite and we already have a few hundred of those elected in Alabama. We do not need anymore.


Anonymous said...

Good to see that the Libertarians are just as fed up with the far right GOP claiming to be Libertarians (when they're just Republicans scared to admit it) as even the Democrats are.

Heck, I have some very libertarian beliefs, but I'm sure as hell no Ron Paul. And even I'm sick of hearing "I'm a Libertarian" from folks who sure as hell would never support an end to the drug war, legalized prostitution, gay marriage, or a weakening of the far right Christian agenda in government. Hell, some of them wouldn't even so much as support the right of gay men and women to DIE to save this country, if it came down to it.

Letters from Ripley said...

Fakes. As you look around at folks claiming Libertarian status...I'm betting a quarter are full-up fakes. This entire senate race out in full of the same fakes as well....running against Harry Reid.

Tom said...

Saw that same message and had the same reaction. I've actually seen several candidates in Alabama trying to ride Paul's coattails into office and most of them are nothing but your standard conservative toeing the party line. I don't agree with Dr. Paul on everything, but he's generally a principled guy who believes that liberty means liberty for all not just for people who do what he likes. Most of the "Ron Paul" candidates make me very afraid.

sixstring said...

I sent Mr Scofield an email asking what policies he supported to reduce our very high, compared to the rest of the world, incarceration rate.... so far, still waiting for a reply.

Loretta Nall said...

I also sent him an email asking where he stands on drug policy and what he would do to bring sanity to Alabama's drug laws. And, I too, am still waiting for a response.

Anonymous said...

In fact, his opponent Don Spurlin is probably more Ron Paul like than he is and is certainly the better candidate. For one thing, Spurlin has expressed to me that he is willing to be supportive of a marijuana legalisation bill in the next section if elected Senator. Please vote for Don Spurlin in the runoff if you live in Alabama Senate District 9.