Thursday, July 01, 2010

Where's my Little House on the Prairie DAMMIT?!

Everyday I turn my TV on from 2-4 pm and watch Little House on the Prairie on the Hallmark Channel. It is about the only show I watch with any regularity and I look forward to those two hours of 'Prairie bliss' all day long.

Well today, just a few minutes ago in fact, I turned on my TV, tuned into what was, up until yesterday, the HMC and saw that it had been replaced by CMT. HORROR OF ALL HORRORS! As if I needed another reason to hate country music!

Where in the hell is my Little House? It appears they have removed HMC from the Charter line up altogether and Little House isn't on anywhere.

I am so disappointed. I love that show. Always have. There isn't much decent on TV these days, but that show was a good one. How come customers aren't warned when things like this are going to happen? I wonder if there is any way to protest?

I want my Little House on the Prairie back. Right. Now.

UPDATE: Little House was moved to channel 161 in the Charter line up. I didn't look that far down the guide because usually for anything past channel 80 an additional purchase was required.


Anonymous said...

I can sympathise I felt the same way when they stopped running married with children reruns on comedy central not exactly the same type of show but I looked forward all day to sitting down after a hard days work with my pipe and slippers and watching al bundy and a young christine applegate thank goodness for bit torrent is all i can say

Don said...

Loretta, maybe you can Google the name of the show and find some place on the internet where you can watch all the re-runs you want to whenever you want to.

Years ago I enjoyed “The Walton’s” but these days I don’t have the luxury of time to watch much of anything on the BOOB (no reference to your gubernatorial campaign intended) TUBE.

I hope you and yours enjoy a wonderful Independence Day weekend.

walt moffett said...

Might want to check with whoever issued Charter their franchise, County commission, city hall, etc. Not much they can do about it but in numbers who knows. A crowd demanding the return of wholesome, family safe entertainment in Alabama might get some action. Most likely though Hallmark is now is another $package (which Charter is known for).

Would not recommend either Dish or Direct TV, either, their worse than a cell phone company about changing their contract without notice or playing word games when you ask "how long is my contract with you? What's this fee on my bill?", etc.

good luck

Loretta Nall said...

Thanks Walt. I was wrong about them removing HMC from the line up. I had to call about another issue the other day and while I had Charter on the phone I asked what happened to that channel. They told me it had been moved from 62 to 161. I didn't see it there the other day because I didn't look that far down the channel guide. Before the change pretty much anything below say channel 80 was a $package, so I never surfed there.

Anyway I am happy to announce that my Little House on the Prairie is still on and I can get my two hours a day of wishing I had lived during that time period.

Letters from Ripley said...

It would seem by now...that you should have watched all 300-odd hours of Little House on the Prairie?

It's like Gilligan's some point, you admit you've seen each episode five times and you've had enough. I got to feeling that way about the Waltons and the Addams Family. Oh, and Hawaii Five-O and Magnum PI.

Loretta Nall said...

I know it should get old Ripley....but somehow it never does.

However, I don't like the later episodes where Laura is all grown up and married to Almonzo and they all now live in the city. The best ones are when the girls are little and they actually lived in A Little House on the Prairie in Walnut Grove.

My husband has recently gotten into the show. Generally between 2 and 4 pm M-F we can both be found planted in front of the TV with a tear or two rolling down our cheeks.

Kids hate the show though...go figure.