Friday, July 23, 2010

Ye Gads...A Hot Plate!

According to the Talladega Daily Home St. Clair county narcotics officers busted a mini-moonshine still on Tuesday. And when I say mini I mean mini.

They destroyed about 5 gallons of moonshine. One occupant of the house got away and the other was found hiding in a bedroom. Both are now charged with felonies....which is absolutely ridiculous!

This is about nothing more than the state not being able to collect tax money from the shine. Now taxpayers will be stuck with the incarceration bill, which totals $15,223 per inmate per year. If both go to prison then we will be paying over $30,000 for what.... $100 worth of shine?

BTW, Alcohol IS a drug so this line....

"St. Clair County Narcotics Investigator Cary Ward discovered something other than drugs Tuesday – a moonshine-making still"

doesn't make any sense.

And these lines from the story crack me up.

Ward said the still was a potential fire hazard.“They were using a hot plate underneath it for their heat source,” he said.

Ye gads...a hot plate! What an unfathomable, horrific danger to society!

Ward also said a child could become sick or even die from accidental exposure to moonshine.

And were there any children in the home? The article doesn't mention finding any at the time of this bust, or that any lived there. So, why mention children? Their scare tactics are laughable.


Anonymous said...

Some state's are allowing home distilling or at least looking the other way .It is all ready legal to make home brew and wine so I dont see why distilling for personel consumption would be a problem.
As long as it's done safely some inexperianced distillers can get hurt if they dont follow basic instructions and safety rules much like the problems recently from butane honey oil extractions like not having proper ventalation and not smoking in a room full of flamable gas.As long as the spirits are not sold there should be no problem and even if it was sold that is a task for a revenuer not a narc.But I guess the narcs in this jurisdiction have caught all the drug dealers and users and now is ready to take on the other evil doers in the area.. What a waste of time and tax dollars.

sixstring said...

Why were there no dogs killed, or grandmas tased?

Lord Calvert the Fifth said...

Not the disparage the South,
but 'Bama, (and surrounding states),
STILL haven't fully assented to
THE REPEAL of the 18th amendment!!!

(Though post-prohib home-distillery
bans might actually be of federal origin...
i.e. pursuant as "Tax-Evasion").

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