Thursday, December 23, 2010


Raw Story is reporting that televangelist and general loony toon 700 Club host and founder of The Christian Coalition Pat Robertson said "Pot isn't the Devil's Harvest and that he thinks imprisoning people for possession of a couple of ounces is destroying the lives of young people and bankrupting our country.

No....I am not pulling your leg, yanking your chain, playing an early April Fool's joke or trying to get on over on you.

He really said that!

Now, I'm pretty sure that I have never agreed with anything Pat Robertson has said. EVER. But, a lot of people, especially those say in and around say Alabama, agree wholeheartedly with everything he says. And that could be a very positive thing for those of us who are trying to change the laws governing marijuana.

If you are a church going person please take this article with you on Sunday and show it to your preacher. Encourage them to consider giving a sermon on it and see where it goes.

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