Saturday, December 25, 2010

Messages from Marc Emery

Below is a chart that Marc Emery sent me and asked me to post online. These first three are (is?) a comparison chart between showing the differences in how Americans and foreigners in the federal prison system are treated. The images get much larger if you click them and then click them again once they come up.

The next are printed articles about private prisons.

About to post this on Facebook. Please share with everyone you know. I tried to upload these images to facebook but couldn't for some unknown reason.

I am about to finish typing all of the letters he has sent me and post them here and on facebook as well.


Anonymous said...

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Reference: Consumers' Association of Penang, Malaysia says that about 6 multi-national mega corporations are buying up all seed producers. The United States Patent Office and the European Patent Office show lots of search results for marijuana and seeds.

Of the Facebook accounts that show Loretta Nall, one claims that you are running for President of the U.S.A.
Did you know that the Declaration of Independence proves that we, the people, have no intention of ever living under the rule of any Queen or King of Great Britain ever again, and that if you keep telling people that Marc Emery, who is a citizen of Canada which is a wimpy, pathetic country - really just a subdivision - under the control of their Chief Executive Officer - the Queen of England (ever bother to look at the coins they use in Canada?) - if you keep telling people that Marc Emery is your mentor then people in intelligent state of the United States will believe that you are trying to take us backwards in time.
So, by all means, help send Marc Emery back to Canada, then leave him there.
Start thinking for yourself, Loretta Nall, or you will forever be known as someone under the total control and influence of a subject of the Queen.
Fat chance in hell you'll ever get elected being so weak.

Helen said...

Thank you for posting this, Loretta.

I also found multiple links to the Edelman column--this one for the Children's Defense Fund:

The recent Mobile Press Register story on the diversion of education stimulus funds to the Department of Corrections brings home the point that you can pay for education now--or later and at a higher cost.

"Alabama’s biggest recipient of federal education stimulus dollars thus far is not a local school system or a college: It’s the Department of Corrections, according to a Press-Register analysis.

"The agency has received $118 million of $1.1 billion in stimulus funding doled out to the state by the U.S. Department of Education since 2009. The money covered health care costs for 26,000 inmates, and salaries and benefits for about 4,200 corrections officers and other employees for three and a half months, officials said. . . . Alabama spent about $4,500 in education stimulus dollars per prisoner, about four times the amount per student in kindergarten through 12th grade."